Spa Landscaping Ideas

A spa is much more than a relaxing space to hang out at – it’s an integral feature of your home. So when introducing a spa to your life, it makes sense to put some time and energy into your backyard too. 

Investing in quality landscaping is a great way to do this. A well-designed yard will not only step up your home’s aesthetic but will create a sumptuous environment for your spa. 

Let’s look at how to prepare and polish your backyard to set up the perfect spa haven.

Setting the Scene

Prior to purchasing your spa, you’ll need to get your backyard ready. This may involve a few steps, depending on your backyard, but it will ensure your spa slots nicely into its new abode. 

First, create a space in your backyard for your new spa. Ensure the space is as large as your spa plus 1/2 metre clearance for all sides. We love the look of a “spa corner”, though, so if you’re planning to install your spa at the edge of your backyard, you won’t need clearance for all sides.  

Once you’ve selected a site for your spa, you’ll need to prepare a solid, level and supportive base that will last your spa’s lifetime. A reinforced concrete slab at least 100mm thick is suitable for a regular spa, and a slab at least 125mm thick for a swim spa. The base should be positioned on an even, level surface, free from cracks or hollows. For added stability, it’s preferable that the base extend at least 200mm outside the spa dimensions.

Now that your spa has a place to call home, it’s time to clear any possible obstacles along your selected delivery route. Trim or tie back shrubs or trees and move dog kennels, BBQ’s, planter boxes, wood piles or anything else that may interfere with the delivery of your spa. 

Now on to the fun part – creating a smashing spa landscape!

Creating the haven

Before you dive in head-first with the pretty stuff, you’ll need to clean up your backyard. Remove dead grass and plants, weeds, rocks and any other undesirable objects to ensure you have a clean slate to work with. 

Once you’ve prepped your space and cleaned your yard, the decorating can begin! There’s no right or wrong to how you do it – it’s up to you and your unique style. That being said, we’ve put together guides for several different spa landscapes. Choose one and follow it closely or mix and match!  

The Privacy Seeker

For those wanting to create a subtle, private hideaway, surround your spa with full, vibrant plants, trees and bushes. If your spa is located close to your neighbour’s, consider planting bamboo, famed for its ability to rapidly grow to very high heights. Bamboo can be planted close together and will quickly form a natural fence that will not only provide sufficient privacy but add character and beauty too. 

The Flamboyant 

The bolder, the better, right? If this describes you, then your spa landscape needs to go beyond plants and flowers. Play with different textures such as stones, gravel or landscape rocks or try a trellis covered with climbing vines. Create a multisensory experience by incorporating fragrant flowers and herbaceous plants like lavender and rosemary. And don’t forget lighting. For a cosy setting, opt for warm, neutral landscape lights, or for a party vibe, try multi-coloured garden lights.

The Minimalist

If you prefer a minimalistic garden, invest in a few plants that can serve as statement pieces. A pergola or gazebo is also a good option as it is large enough to add appeal but simple enough that it will blend seamlessly into your backyard (and provide shade for your spa!). If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, fill several baskets with flowers or succulents and hang them from your gazebo. 

The Modernist

To create a more contemporary design, incorporate decking or paving around your spa. An elevated deck with steps leading into the spa will give your backyard a sleek, modern feel. Keep things open and spacious and focus on small plants that are easy to contain.

Next step…

And there you have it – a spa landscape to suit (nearly) every type! The sky’s the limit, though, so don’t be afraid to get creative and push the boundaries. 

Now that you’re ready to house your new spa AND turn your backyard into a Pinterest-worthy picture, the only thing left to do is go grab that spa! 

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