Swim Spas: The Best Alternative for Pool Sanitisation System

Pool sanitisation is crucial to maintain safe and healthy water for swimming. That’s why these days, various pool sanitisation systems have been invented to battle invisible viruses and bacteria. 

However, despite the number of alternatives, some pool sanitisation systems are ineffective and even costly. With that said, let’s consider the options that are commonly used by many pool owners to see which one would work the best for you. 

While at the same time, let’s also see how the alternative of private pools which are swim spas, tackle this concern with a built-in sanitisation system that offers an effective and more stress-free cleaning process.


Chlorine is quite affordable and widely used in many daily applications such as drinking water treatment, wastewater management, and pool sanitisation. One of the most used pool sanitisation systems, especially for public pools, is chlorine.

Chlorine effectively kills pathogens, eliminates harmful microorganisms, and also breaks down organic matter in the water. The chemical process also keeps the pool concrete free from algae growth. 

However, chlorine tends to leave a strong smell in the water and often causes stinging eye or skin irritation. It’s because of the imbalance in the chemical pH level which can be difficult to adjust by regular pool owners. 

That’s why it’s safer and more convenient to have a sanitisation system that comes already as a built-in extra, which can commonly be found in many swim spas.

Saltwater Chlorine

Kind of a different system but produces the same result as the one above, saltwater chlorinators convert salt into chlorine using a specialised generator. It’s also a popular choice for pool sanitisation systems, particularly in Australia.

With the converting generator, you just need to add the required amount of salt to your pool and let the machine do the work. But as you have read, this means that you must be ready for extra spending to buy the generator.

However, it’s important to note that while saltwater chlorinators are easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive to operate, they may not be suitable for all pool types. They may cause structural damage in the long term since saltwater chlorinators corrode metal walls.

Metal Ionisers

Ionisers are a unique pool sanitisation system as they release heavy metal ions like copper and silver into the water. However, not only this system is considerably slow, but it also still requires additional chemical sanitisers such as chlorine to effectively clean the pool. With the large water volume, this pool sanitisation system can be ineffective, energy-consuming, and pretty costly.

Ultraviolet System

The UV pool sanitisation system offers a safe and nearly chemical-free approach to maintaining a clean swimming pool. This technology is an extremely popular choice for many aquatic facilities, especially after it’s used to sanitise pools for the Olympics.

Shined through a specialised device, the UV light acts as a germicide, eliminating harmful microorganisms and pathogens in the water as it passes through the filtration system. While the ultraviolet system is considered secure and environmentally friendly, it still requires a small number of additional chemicals. 

Despite this limitation, UV technology is widely regarded as the best available for swimming pool disinfection, offering a reliable and eco-friendly solution for pool sanitisation. 

Luckily, the Ultraviolet pool sanitisation system is a customisable add-on feature in swim spas. Not every swim spa comes with the feature, but the ones produced at JustSpas are certainly crafted that way to guarantee your hygiene and safety.

Which Sanitisation System to Choose?

Well, the decision goes back to your preferences and budgets. We can only suggest that you choose the one that’s the most convenient, effective, and affordable for daily or weekly use. Although, finding an effective sanitisation system that comes at a reasonable price is really confusing. Not to mention the hassle of applying it, when in fact you only use the pool for yourself or your little family.

Swim Spas as The Solution for Pool Sanitisation System

That’s why swim spas are widely sought after these days in Australia. They bring the same benefits and experience as private pools, yet the sanitisation system isn’t too much of a pain since the sanitisation system comes as a part of the component. 

Swim spas allow you to enjoy hygienic swimming sessions at any moment, without having to spend excessive budget and wait for too long for maximum water sanitisation.

Don’t hesitate to visit the nearest JustSpas dealer around you to find a swim spa with a hassle-free sanitisation system.



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