Benefits Of Owning A Spa

Why you need a spa in your life.

Right back to the traditional round hot tubs of the swinging sixties to the most advanced modern-day models. Spas have always oozed absolute fun and absolute luxury. They are considered the dream purchase, the object of extreme relaxation. But why are they so popular and what benefits can they add to your life?

We like to think of spas as something to enhance your lifestyle, a little extra splash of leisure in your own backyard. Spas are more than just what meets the eye. They are a wellness centre along with being the entertainment hub of the home.

Therapeutic benefits of spas date back to ancient Egyptians. Archaeologists have evidence that shows men had used hot water baths for health benefits during this period, along with King Phraortes of Persia requesting a spa be made from solid granite during 600 B.C. for his personal use.

Since then the technology of spas has come leaps and bounds, with immense features, quality construction and powerful jets, this just adds to the overall modern-day spa experience. There are so many reasons why spas have now become a permanent fixture in many Australian backyards. Here are just a few points for why we think you need a spa in your life.

What you need to know about spas hydrotherapy Benefits

A big reason for the continued popularity of spas in the hydrotherapy benefits they offer. Your favourite athlete or sports stars most likely use some form of hydrotherapy, post-game or in recovery for injuries.

The three factors that work within a spa are heat, buoyancy and massage. These combined can help promote overall wellness that can have a positive effect over the body and mind.

The weightlessness you feel when you’re in a body of water can help relieve tension in your muscles allowing your body to move with ease within the water.

Soaking in hot water can also raise your body temperature. This can increase blood flow, helping alleviate pain along with helping heal and rehabilitate damaged muscles or joints.

When you raise your body temperature, you will naturally start to sweat. This is the way of your body eliminating toxins and flushing out impurities out. This can help with detoxing and cleansing your body, getting rid of any nasties.

Invest in a deeper, more restful sleep

Ever been jealous of the dog snoring away while you’re struggling to get to sleep? Did you know soaking in a spa for 15 minutes an hour before bed could help you have a better night’s sleep?

Sleep plays such an important factor in not only our health but also our wellness. Lack of sleep can impact our bodies ability to repair itself and can also have an effect on the overall health of the body and mind.

By submerging your body in hot water, such as a spa, can help promote relaxation by raising your body temperature. This allows your muscles to hold less tension, making you feel more comfortable. By adding some spa time into your bed routine, may be helpful to your ability to drift off to sleep easier along with aiding in a deeper, more peaceful sleep.

Find fitness in your own backyard

You may be thinking can I really get a workout in a traditional spa? Yes, you can. Working out in water can have less strain on your body than a traditional land workout. This is due to the fact that water supports some of your weight, having a lower impact on your joints along with reducing the chance of injury.

With water reducing the effects of gravity, this allows a wider range of motion increasing flexibility. Making a spa the perfect place for stretching workouts such as yoga that can improve joint mobility, cardiovascular health and a healthy mind.

The natural resistance of water allows you to get much more out of water exercises. Working your core through torso twists, flutter kicks or even reverse crunches can offer low impact workout that can be far more effective than the traditional option.

Bring entertainment and family fun home

Iconically Australian, backyards are the heart of the home and the hub of family fun. Spas offer the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends and are the ultimate party addition. Don’t get us wrong spas are great for relaxing, but did you know they are great fun too?

The kids will love spending time in the spa and can bring in fun floats, play water games and splash around. When the kids are finished playing and are in bed, why not have a romantic night in with a little champagne along with adding some LED candles around the spa… The best part is you don’t even have to hire a babysitter.

It all sounds pretty good, right? What’s not to love! From fitness, wellness to keeping the kids entertained a spa can do it all. Although it can seem like a big investment, with the technology advances around construction, spas have a much longer lifespan than ever before. Add more value to your family’s life and turn your backyard into your own little getaway.

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