Above-Ground VS In-Ground Swim Spa: Which One is Better?

Widely used for entertainment and personal therapy, swim spas are a great addition and investment to your home. They easily enhance the aesthetic and vibe of your backyard, whether placed above ground or in-ground. A common predicament homeowners face is what install option is best for their lifestyle.

The option of installing a swim spa above or in the ground may bring different benefits that should be considered. Before investing in your dream swim spa, let’s find out which placement will be perfect for you.

Benefits of Above-Ground Swim Spas

Many people prefer to place their swim spas above the ground for multiple considerations, and they mostly relate to conveniences, such as:

Easier Installation

Above-ground swim spa installs generally take a much shorter time to be ready for use. The cabinet is set on a concrete pad or deck, and doesn’t require further construction processes. This benefit is crucial if you’re a person who is looking for a more straightforward purchase.

More Affordable Prices

Installing swim spas above the ground is typically less expensive than in the ground since it doesn’t need extra digging and excavation which results in higher costs.

Higher Mobility

Unlike swim spas that are placed in the ground and become immovable, ones that are placed above the ground are simpler to bring when you need to move or replace the position.

Benefits of In-Ground Swim Spas

On the other hand, some others like to place their swim spas in-ground. This means professional landscaping and excavation must be done before the installation. In general, the common benefits of placing swim spas in the ground are:

Deeper Aesthetic Value

The in-ground installation creates a sleek appearance that blends with the house. This benefit would be ideal for those who seek to maximise backyard space and seamlessly integrate the swim spa there.

Added Value to The Property

While placing swim spas on the ground is generally more costly due to installation costs, this placement can raise the value of your home due to its permanence and luxury values.

Above-Ground or In-Ground Swim Spas?

If you want a more aesthetic spa experience with the potential for added home value, especially in the Australian market, placing the swim spa in the ground might be the answer. But if you’re looking for a simpler purchase with less installation effort and cost, placing it above the ground might be the better choice.

In the end, the decision between an above-ground or in-ground swim spa will be different for each person. It highly depends on the specific needs and conditions. All we know for sure is at Just Spas, all those requests for a perfect swim spa (both above and in-ground) are covered excellently.

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