Top 3 Health Benefits Of Owning A Swim Spa

Spas have long been considered a luxurious addition to the family home, an add-on for leisure and entertainment. Going for a dip in a spa is recognised world-over as a bit of a treat, perhaps an opportunity for relaxation after a hard day’s work or a great excuse to have friends over in the summertime (hot tub party anyone?). Of course, their wide range of benefits aren’t restricted to entertainment and socialising, particularly when it comes to swim spas. With the spaciousness and set-up to allow for exercise and hydrotherapy, the list of health benefits that a swim spa can provide are only as limited as your creativity – but for now, we’ve put together a list of our top 3 health benefits that swim spas can provide.

Remedial and therapeutic treatment

Swim spas are the perfect at-home station for hydrotherapy, a gentle and accessible method for treating issues like chronic pain and neuromuscular conditions. Using hydrotherapy as a treatment for ongoing medical issues has quickly become a preferred method for many recovery and rehabilitation programs, from those for acute pain and injuries all the way to rheumatic conditions like fibromyalgia.

This is due to the water’s buoyancy, allowing for body weight to be significantly reduced along with supporting the body to move more easily and with balance. The warmth of the water aids joints and muscles in loosening and relaxing as well. This gives everyone – from senior citizens to children, to professional athletes – a great option for healing and treatment where traditional physical therapy may not be as effective.

Those with muscular problems, in particular, can stand to gain significant relief from hydrotherapy in a swim spa. Due to swim spa jet streams, water pressure can be manipulated and used to provide hydro-massage treatment for targeted pains. People with muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis can utilise swim spas for a much more encouraging environment to treat symptoms and mobility, enabling them to perform exercises and movements that may be difficult, painful or even impossible on land. A swim spa enables a more supportive environment to slowly practice movements and help relieve pain and discomfort and can instil confidence in those with neuromuscular or nervous system issues to continue with courage in their treatment.

Mental health, stress and social wellbeing

While we may write off the social and relaxation aspect of a swim spa as more of an indulgence than a health benefit, it would be a discredit to dismiss the countless mental health benefits they can provide.

With everyone being home so much more in the year 2020, more often than not it can be hard to find a place to truly have “me-time”. A swim spa allows you the luxury of full relaxation at home at any time without needing to leave the house, pay for access or share with anyone else! You have full control over your setting, which means you can light a candle, play some music, adjust the jet streams and relax in your own privacy (whether it’s at 10 am or 10 pm). On the other hand, a swim spa also provides a family-friendly solution for socialising thanks to its safety and security. The size of a swim spa, as opposed to a normal spa, means there’s plenty of room for everyone to spend some quality time together, and being in the water means there’s no phones, games or gadgets to distract from enjoying each other’s company and conversation.

Mental troubles such as anxiety and stress can show up in many physical forms, from soreness and fatigue to migraines and muscle tension, which is why it’s so important to have an accessible option for treating those bodily symptoms as well. The heat of the water from your swim spa can help to loosen up tight joints and increase blood flow to problem areas, soothing and accelerating your healing process. This can contribute to your overall wellbeing and quality of life by providing a reassuring comfort when the day’s stresses are stacking up. Going for a swim in your swim spa also means that you can work on improving your energy and stamina levels, which may have the flow-on effect of improving other areas of your life including your immune system and sleep health.

Exercise and overall health

One truth that has always stood the test of time is that consistent exercise leads to a healthier lifestyle and a longer life. Even without any ailments, any one person stands to gain so much from keeping fit and maintaining an exercise routine. With a swim spa, it’s easier than ever to do just that. Whether it’s aerobic endurance, weights, cardio or yoga, you can incorporate and enhance many of your usual exercises with the water buoyancy and warmth a swim spa provides – not to mention make it a lot more fun! As a low-impact alternative to exercising on land, added benefits can include lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar levels. Even by soaking in your swim spa for just 15 minutes, studies have shown blood pressure can lower significantly due to higher blood flow and increased oxygen in your bloodstream. Elements to your physicality like flexibility, coordination, balance and stamina can all be improved upon through regular exercise in a swim spa, helping you to achieve an overall level of fitness you can be proud of without even leaving the house.

With so many different options for exercise, treatment of specific conditions and lightening the mental load, a swim spa can be a useful, versatile and (most importantly) fun and engaging way to maintain great overall health. Whether in a group or by yourself, a swim spa means you can engineer your workout or indulge in its therapeutic benefits whenever and however you please. The excellent effectiveness of hydrotherapy combined with the advantages of a large-scale spa with jet streams means that anyone can freely enjoy keeping fit from the comfort of their own home – an ideal solution for anyone and everyone!

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