If you’re thinking about buying a spa, download our pre delivery guide for all the essential information about positioning your spa to protect it from weather and the changing seasons, foundation requirements and delivery guidelines.

Register your warranty on-line using the easy electronic submission form.

Download operating manuals and fact sheets on maintaining your water chemistry, or changing and cleaning your filters. Use the diagnostic tool to troubleshoot error messages on your control panel.

If you require further information, please contact your authorised Just Spas dealer.

Test Your Water

Is your spa water starting to sting your eyes? Is the water over foaming? Is the odour becoming unbearable?

Visit Test Your Water  and follow the simple guide to ensure that your water is as safe as possible. Simply follow 3 simple steps for testing your water and you will have instant results and instructions emailed to you:

1. Sign/Register - you will require your spa model number (e.g. J123417).

2. Tick the relevant boxes to identify the problems with your spa water.

3. Enter your test strip results.

It's that easy! If you require more information, contact your local Authorised Just Spas Dealer for more information.

Is your Spa ready for Summer?

Purchase a set of genuine filters protected by Microban® anti-microbial technology.

Water and an ample food source can cause microbes to quickly multiply and grow on an unprotected surface. Microban® technology provides an added level of cleanliness protection by working continuously between cleans to fight the growth of bacteria that can adversely affect the performance of your pool or spa cartridge.

Further information is available on the accessories page

These genuine Microban Spa filter Cartridges are available for purchase at your local Just Spas Store