Spa & swim spa accessories

Elevate your relaxation experience with our curated range of spa and swim spa accessories.


Make getting in and out of your Spa or Swim Spa a breeze.
Eliminate the need for traditional fencing with the innovative StepGuard solution for our range of spas and swim spas. The combined steps and gate system allows safe and easy access and is compliant with Building Regulations. StepGuard is the perfect solution to reduce fencing costs and installation time while providing safety for your family.
Please always refer to your local government for the most up-to-date requirements for fencing regulations.


Elevate your spa, eliminate fencing costs
Opt for the SpaRiser for our portable spa range to elevate your spa to 1240mm, ensuring it meets Building Regulations. Manufactured using our TuffBase™ and TuffFrame™ systems, SpaRiser maintains the high-quality construction of our portable spas. Combine it seamlessly with StepGuard for easy and safe spa entry and exit.
Please always refer to your local government for the most up-to-date requirements for fencing regulations.

Spa Covers

Ultimate spa protection and safety
Our hardcovers are tailor-made to perfectly fit your spa, offering more than just a stylish look. Crafted from high-grade steel ribbed polymer and covered with marine-grade vinyl, they are built to last.
These spa covers help maintain the heat in your spa, allowing you to save on heating bills passively. Their durable construction ensures the safety of children and pets, preventing accidental falls and creating a safer backyard environment. Heat-sealed to prevent moisture retention, they also feature a fully lockable design for added security.

Spa Cover Lifter

Effortless spa cover removal.
Removing your spa cover should be easy, and it is with our Cover Lifter. Made of weather-resistant components, this lifter ensures years of trouble-free performance. It places the spa cover in an upright position, making it simple to handle.
Constructed from durable aluminium with a black powder-coated finish, the Cover Lifter mounts directly to the spa cabinet, providing long-lasting and reliable functionality.

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