Buying the Perfect Spa: A Guide to Finding Your Ideal Relaxation Haven

There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in a spa. Letting the warm water and therapeutic bubbles wash over you as you unwind from the day’s stresses. A spa creates an opportunity to indulge, escape, and find solace in your own oasis. Ready for a dip yet?

No matter the type of spa you’re in the market for, from swim to outdoor spas, the options can be overwhelming. This guide is here to help you navigate through the process, so you can buy a spa that best suits your personal needs and lifestyle.

Why Buy a Spa?

We could go on for a while when it comes to what makes a spa bath worth the investment. But to sum the advantages up, spa ownership is an investment in your health and well-being. Few things can compare to owning a spa, with the unlimited in-home luxury and relaxation it provides.

Buying a spa offers you a personal retreat that can help to ease the physical tensions of the day, while offering a soothing sanctuary for your mind. It’s your designated space to rest, relax, and kick back. With a spa, you can create a space for self-care, family bonding, or social gatherings right in your backyard.

Deciding What Type of Spa to Buy

Before you delve into the world of spas, it’s essential to identify the type of spa that will be right for you. A spa pool offers a mix of relaxation and exercise opportunities. A swim spa provides a space for fitness with the benefits of hydrotherapy. Your choice will depend on your specific wants and needs, available space, and budget.


The space you have available for a spa is a fundamental factor in your decision-making process. A smaller outdoor area might be best suited to a compact, 4 person spa, while a larger space could easily accommodate a more spacious spa and set the scene for entertaining.

When considering your spa options, take into account not only the size of your yard but also factors like privacy, the layout of the space, and proximity to your house for ease of access. Don’t forget to consider space for a cover lifter, StepGuard gate, or any other accessories you might need.


Your lifestyle will largely influence the type of spa you choose. If relaxation and stress relief are your primary goals, any spa with hydrotherapy jets would be ideal. However, if fitness is also a priority, you might consider a larger swim spa that provides space for low-impact exercise in addition to relaxation.

The number of people who will typically use the spa at once is a crucial consideration. If you plan to use the spa for social gatherings, a larger model, such as a 9 seat or even a 12 seater spa, would be beneficial. On the other hand, if the spa is mainly for personal relaxation, a smaller, more intimate spa, such as a 5 seater, might be a better fit.


Your budget will significantly influence the type, size, and features of the spa you can afford. Keep in mind that the costs of owning a spa extend beyond the initial purchase price. Ongoing expenses include energy costs (the larger the spa, the more it will cost to heat), maintenance costs (cleaning, repairing, and replacing parts), and the cost of any necessary site preparation. But with proper care and maintenance, you can help keep your spa costs down. 

Extra Considerations

When selecting your ideal spa, it’s crucial to consider the different features, materials, and warranty included in your purchase.


At Just Spas, we offer a diverse range of spas, each with its unique features designed to enhance your spa experience. Some spas come with adjustable jets, which allow you to control the pressure and direction of the water flow. Many of our spas also include built-in LED lights, which add to the ambience of your spa experience, especially during evening soaks.


The materials used in the construction of your spa play a critical role in its longevity and performance. At Just Spas, we pride ourselves on using high-quality, durable materials that can withstand both use and weather.


When investing in a spa, you want to know you’re covered if anything were to go wrong. We believe in the quality of our products, and back this up with solid warranties. Our Just Spas warranties provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that your investment is protected. When you purchase a spa with a warranty, you can relax even further.

Choosing Where to Buy a Spa

If you’re keen on turning your home into a rejuvenation haven, then look no further – you’re already in the right place here at Just Spas. 

Why buy a spa from us? Because at Just Spas, we’re not just about selling you a spa – we’re about providing you with a complete wellness solution.

An Investment in a Lifestyle, Not Just a Product

At Just Spas, we are dedicated to enhancing lifestyle and wellness through our range of high-quality spas and swim spas. Our offerings are not just about luxury and comfort, but are built to bring superior hydrotherapy and exercise systems into your own backyard.

When you choose to buy a spa from us, you will receive the full support of our nationwide network of independent dealers who are committed to providing the highest level of customer service for the life of your spa.

Australian-made Quality

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located in Hallam, Victoria, is the largest spa and swim spa manufacturing facility in the Southern Hemisphere. We also have over 40 store locations across the country. 

We believe in the superiority of Australian-made products. We’re proud to offer the highest quality Australian-made spas, leading the way in technology, reliability, and energy efficiency. Choosing Australian-made means choosing exceptional quality, durability, and performance.

Moreover, when you choose an Australian-made spa from Just Spas, you’re supporting local companies and jobs. You’re investing not just in your personal wellness but also in the growth and development of our economy.Whether you’re looking for a swim spa, a spa pool, or an outdoor spa, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Reach out to our team today for more to get a quote or for more information!



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