The Ultimate Guide to Swim Spas in Australia

We make them, we love them and most of all, we know them well. Swimming and time spent around the pool is just part of the Australian lifestyle. Swim spas are an added celebration. As one of the largest swim and spa manufacturers in the southern hemisphere, we’ll be happy to guide you through them.

What is a swim spa?

A swim spa is a combination of both swimming pool and spa. They are designed to allow swimming, exercise and leisure in a compact space. Powerful swim jets streams are also installed to create a current to swim against. Adjustable temperature control and speeds mean they can be used to facilitate multiple purposes, from activity to relaxation.

What Are The Features?

Adjustable Speed

Jet speeds offer a different range of intensities that allow you to customise for desired effect. You can alternate between a relaxing spa to a challenging current for exercise. If you’re looking to enjoy a gentle swim, simply don’t run the jets at all. This is a pool for all occasions.

Temperature Control

No winter shutdown needed for these. As Australian pool and spa builders, we’ve experienced both the hot Australian summer and very cool winters. Swim spas are our solution with full control over temperature regulation whatever the weather.

What makes swim spas, spas and pools different?


They are smaller than traditional pools, offering a suitable alternative when considering the overall size of the home.


They integrate a focus on exercise, hydrotherapy and leisure. They act as a hybrid between an exercise swimming pool, spa and recreational pool. And they say you can’t have it all.


Energy usage typically falls between spas and in-ground pools, costing around $3.00 to $5.00 a day, based on 3 days of usage a week. We’ve got a lot of frequently asked questions about this.

Health Benefits of Swim Spas

Hydrotherapy Benefits

The dual function as a spa adds documented health benefits including stress relief and improved sleep. The hot water and massaging features of the jets can relax tight muscles, particularly tension from compounding stress.

Pain Relief

Soaking in warm water can relieve pain by relaxing tense muscles, joints and tendons. It takes weight off joints promoting increased flexibility and range of motion.

Calorie Burning Properties

You’re probably raising your eyebrows here. According to one study, sitting in hot water for a sustained period showed a similar number of calories were burned to walking.

Fitness Benefits

Swimming is naturally therapeutic. Swim spas offer a holistic way to enjoy the bathing experience. These installations allow for a low-impact, full-body exercise ideal for all fitness levels. Swimming against powerful jets works to improve cardiovascular health, muscle strengthening and toning. All without leaving the house. Where else can you so effortlessly go from work out to complete relaxation? That’s a real incentive to exercise.

Energy Efficiency

Heating a pool can use up a lot of energy. It’s one of the considerations to make when installing one in your home. Swim spas offer superior insulation that reduce heat loss and efficient heating systems that minimise energy consumption. Additionally, the smaller water volume means less energy is required to heat.

Choosing What Is Right For You?

It’s about what’s right for you. It’s one of life’s great pleasures having access to a pool. We build purely Australian Made products. We know what Australians are looking for. We can help you make the right decision. Complete our spa selector quiz and let’s guide you right through the process.

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