How Long Does It Take To Heat A Swim Spa?

The time it takes to heat up the water in a swim spa depends on a range of factors. At Just Spas, we know you don’t want to spend your time waiting around when you could be enjoying the benefits of relaxing or exercising in one of our lavish swim spas. 

With a range of sizes, heating control technology, and heating accessories, our backyard spas are reliable and energy efficient. These are some of the best swim spas in the country and are proudly made here in Australia. They are also specifically designed to be used during warm and cold seasons. 

Our high-quality swim spas are produced in Victoria, in the largest spa manufacturing facility in the southern hemisphere. We oversee every part of the manufacturing process, with high-quality materials that are designed to retain heat and get your swim spa to the optimal temperature as quickly as possible.

Keep reading to find out how long it takes to heat up our spas, so you can start reaping all the rewards of hydrotherapy fast!

Heating Times Based on Size

Just Spas has a range of swim spa sizes to suit your friends and family, from 4-seaters up to 9-seaters for family and friends. For a spa with a larger water capacity, it makes sense that more time is required for heating. However, our larger swim spa models feature more jets and have more powerful heating capabilities.

This means that the heating time difference between our smallest and largest swim spas is not significant. The main factor when it comes to size is the temperature of the water you put in when you first fill your spa, or when you replace it after the recommended 3-4 months. Using warmer water will mean it heats up faster and saves on energy. 

The Role of Advanced Temperature Controls

Controlling your temperature means more accuracy in how hot or cold your water is. Each of our swim spas uses powerful dual temperature controls that are integrated into the iTouch Colour Touchpad on your spa.  

This control station changes the lights, temperature and jets. Whilst this is great for setting your own personal mood, they also work by circulating the heated water, keeping your temperature more consistent.

Swim Spa Insulation 

During the winter months, robust insulation helps swim spas retain their heat and speeds up the process of heating newly added water. Most of our swim spas, no matter the size, come with 8-layer arctic insulation. These layers are made from high-quality Australian materials designed to retain water heat, saving you up to 30% on spa heating costs

Here’s how our swim spa insulation at Just Spas works: 

Protection From Outside Temperatures

Insulation acts as a barrier against the temperatures outside of the spa. This could be when the spa is in use, or when you are filling it up with water. 

Whether it’s the cold of winter or the warmth of summer, the arctic insulation ensures that nothing external influences the spa’s water temperature. This allows for faster heating in any Australian climate or season.

Heat Longevity

Even when your spa’s heating system and jets are turned off, the arctic insulation supports temperature consistency. This allows your swim spa to stay warmer, for longer!

We ensure heating your swim spa is a quick and easy process, so you can spend less time and money heating your water. 

The Season’s Influence

In the colder seasons, it’s more likely that the water you fill your swim spa up with will be colder than in spring or summer. This starting water can make an impact on how quickly the swim spa for your backyard will heat up. So if you are filling up your swim spa on a cold day, give yourself plenty of time to let the heaters warm the water before you use it.

The winter season also means the heat loss is higher in ambient air. If you like having your swim spa’s water warm, the heaters will have to work harder to keep the temperature stable, especially if you leave the spa uncovered overnight. 

While the temperature is harder to maintain in the winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t still use your swim spa to relax and exercise year-round. In fact, there are many hydrotherapy benefits to using your spa in colder weather. 

Spa Covers

Our range of spa covers are designed to perfectly fit and seal all of our spas and swim spas

These sealed hardcovers not only protect your water from any dirt or debris falling in, but it also traps heat inside. During colder months simply top your spa with one of our covers, make sure it is properly sealed, and the result will be a noticeable increase in heat retention. 

If you are filling up the spa with water, place the cover over the top when you are done to speed up the process of heating. By filling any gaps and working with the arctic insulation, our spas can be fully efficient in retaining heat to warm water as fast as possible.

Heating Upgrade Options

If your swim spa needs extra support in staying heated, Just Spas offers these extra heating options that can easily attach to any of our spas: 

Hybrid Electric Heat Pump

This pump can be paired with your iTouch Colour Touchpad with set-up or through the iSpa® Wifi App. By using a small electric heat pump like this, you can reduce the heating costs of your swim spa by approximately 30% to 40%. This is a great option to use in colder seasons when you need higher efficiency. 

Hybrid Gas Heater

Also compatible with the iTouch Colour Touchpad in your swim spa, the hybrid gas system has speedy heat-up times. This powerful hybrid system is suitable for even the largest of our spas and can reduce heating costs by up to 70%. This is one of the most efficient external spa heating accessories in Australia. 

Australian-Made Quality

Heating up your spa is much easier when you know most of the materials of the spa are from high-quality Australian manufacturers. Find one of our local stores for all your swim spa needs. 

To browse our collection and talk to one of our expert customer service representatives, simply contact our team. It’s easy to get a quote and find your dream swim spa today.



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