Best Outdoor Spas 2023?

So, you’re ready to upgrade your lifestyle and get the perfect spa for your backyard. But where do you begin to look for the best outdoor spas in Australia? 

At Just Spas, we’ve been in the business for more than 30 years and in that time, we’ve seen different manufacturers and models come and go. Over the years, we’ve gotten pretty good at differentiating the spas that will be forgotten versus the ones that are here to stay. For the best hot tubs of 2023, we’ve put together this guide featuring our favourite – and of course, Australian-made – spas that we can confidently recommend to you.

Cyclone MONSOON 6-Seater Spa

Starting off strong with the Cyclone Monsoon 6-seater, this spa boasts 101 marine-grade stainless steel jets, two of them being waterfall jets, and LED mood lighting for a premium spa experience. Seating six adults, it measures 2270mm x 2270mm x 900mm in size with two reclined lounges and two deep hydrotherapy hot seats for ultimate relaxation and indulgence. Perfect for families, the Monsoon incorporates a combination of 9 massaging therapies, including different types of back, leg and foot therapy. This spa’s excellent build includes a 4.2HP Massage Pump, Quad-Layer & Arctic Insulation and an EternaWood™ Thermal Cabinet. Microban® Filters and an EcoSpa™ Energy Efficient Filtration system make this model sustainable and easy to maintain.

The Monsoon is proudly Australian-made with a 100-year TuffFrame™ structural warranty.

Cyclone STORM 6-Seater Spa

Taking it up to the next level, the Storm 6-seater spa is the ultimate in class and refinement among the best outdoor spas for sale in Australia. Featuring 66 jets, 2 deep hydrotherapy hot seats and a reclined lounge, this spa measures 2270mm x 2270mm x 900mm in size for ultimate comfort across 6 seats. Armed with a lockable cover and energy-efficient heater, the Storm is great for winter dips and simple to maintain in cooler temperatures. With up to 10 massage therapies, including the ‘Tension’ program for neck therapy, there’s no limit to the tranquillity and satisfaction that time spent in the Storm can provide.

The Storm is proudly Australian-made with a 100-year TuffFrame™ structural warranty.

Cyclone TWISTER 6-Seater Spa

It’s easy to see why this next model has made the cut. Another 6-seater with 66 jets, two of which are waterfall jets, the Twister spa comes in at 2000mm x 2000mm x 900mm for a slightly more compact size. Leg, foot, neck and back therapy are all made possible with the Twister’s hydrotherapy hot seats and reclined lounge, with upgrades available for the ultimate enhanced spa experience. Add AQUA GLOW™ SIngle Zone Lighting for an upgraded lighting pack on top of the Twister’s LED mood lights, iSPA™ WiFi Connect for WiFi compatibility so you can control your spa remotely, and AQUA SOUND™ for built-in Bluetooth speakers with an amplifier and subwoofer.

The Twister is proudly Australian-made with a 100-year TuffFrame™ structural warranty.

Leisurerite INSPIRE 6-Seater Spa

Inspired by luxury, the Leisurerite Inspire spa offers a lavish space kickback. No need is not met in this spa, with two spacious full-length lounge chairs offering ample room to recline. A total of 55 hydrotherapy jets set the scene for ultimate relaxation and assist in targeting and treating a variety of conditions related to stress, tension and discomfort. Plus, full-back deep therapy seats create ideal jet pressure, providing a range of massage combinations from high-intensity to soothing. 

Comfortably seating up to 6 adults, this spa is the ideal host for either a calming solo soak session or a small party with friends, with a water capacity of 1400 L and a size of 2270 mm x 2270 mm x 900 mm. It also comes in 5 eye-catching shell colours: midnight canyon, ocean wave, snow, sterling marble, and pearl shadow. Along with colour-changing mood lights, premium water management, a programmable circulation pump and waterfalls, and an energy-efficient heater, this tub is fully equipped with everything you need. If setting the scene for a tranquil spa session in your outdoor space is what you’re after, then the Inspire 6-seater spa was made for you!

The Inspire is proudly Australian-made with a 100-year TuffFrame™ structural warranty.

Leisurerite TRIBE 8-Seater Spa

If you’re looking to get a slightly larger party started, look no further than this 8-seater Tribe outdoor spa by Leisurerite. Still intimate for small groups but with slightly more seats, the Tribe is the perfect outdoor spa for those inclined to entertain. With plenty of room to house 8 adults, the Tribe is packed with enviable features. The private air controls at each seat allow you to adjust the amount of air coming out of each jet, curating your tub experience to your exact liking. Set the scene for a deep tissue massage in every seat, or allow each of the 38 jets to operate at a low intensity for a more low-key pressure. 

At a 1400 L water capacity and a size of 2270 mm × 2270 mm × 900 mm, this outdoor spa bath sets the scene for a truly memorable gathering. Its LED-coloured underwater light and colour touchpad help set the mood, too! Customisable shell, cabinet, and hard cover colours are all available – allowing you to personalise your spa to your outdoor space. Plus, premium water management, an energy-efficient heater, and a pristine jet configuration all level up this spa experience. 

The Tribe is proudly Australian-made with a 100-year TuffFrame™ structural warranty.

Leisurerite RIVIERA 491 9-Seater Spa

The last but definitely not least of our winners, the Leisureite Riviera 9-seater spa is the spa for the large family. And if you have big ideas to turn your backyard into a go-to gathering space, this model is also perfect for those who love to host.

Packed with comfortable features, the Riviera boasts 91 total jets and 9 massage seats with various settings to suit everyone’s needs. It holds a water capacity of 2500 L, has a weight of 460 kg, and a size of 3500 mm x 2330 mm x 940 mm. It also features high-end amenities such as an energy-efficient heater, LED-coloured underwater lights, premium water management, and more. And for that extra streak of luxury, the option to add iSpa WIFI Connect and a Bluetooth stereo system is available. 

Whether you take the entire capacity to yourself for a lavish post-work soak or invite a group of friends over to soak up the luxury alongside you, the Cadillac is built to provide you and your friends and family with a fabulous time.

At Just Spas, we are committed to elevating your lifestyle through quality spas and swim spas that promote wellness and relaxation. With our products’ elite hydrotherapy and exercise systems, we can assure you that you’re getting the highest-quality Australian-made spas in energy efficiency, product reliability, and technology – along with the support of our nationwide network of independent retailers providing superior customer service. 

Ready to put one of our industry-leading spas in your backyard? Browse our wide range of quality Australian-made outdoor spas. To talk to a member of our helpful sales team about outdoor spa prices and options, get in touch with us or visit one of our stores today!



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