Benefits of Australian-Made Spas

Purchasing an Australian-made spa extends beyond the quality of the product. The economic benefits, such as job creation and retention, have profound impacts on the local community. This domestic focus helps retain industries and fosters technological advancements within Australia. Notably, recent years have seen significant advancements in spa technology, much of it on Australian shores.

Understanding ‘Australian-Made’

Under Australian Consumer Law, for a product to boast the labels “Made in Australia”, “Australian-Made”, or “Manufactured in Australia”, it must have been ‘substantially transformed’ within Australia. A product is considered ‘substantially transformed’ in Australia if:

  • Every ingredient or significant component was grown domestically; or
  • Each significant ingredient or component originated from Australia, and nearly all the production or manufacturing processes occurred within Australia; or
  • The goods have, due to one or more processes conducted in Australia, fundamentally changed in identity, nature, or essential character from any imported ingredients or components.

The Significance of the Certified Australian-Made Logo

The renowned Australian-Made logo represents the quintessence of Australian authenticity. It is the most trusted, recognised, and widely used country of origin symbol in Australia, supported by a third-party accreditation system. This system certifies that products carrying the logo are genuinely Australian.

At Just Spas, we are immensely proud to have our spas and swim spas adorned with the official Australian-Made insignia, affirming their authentic Australian craftsmanship. For over 25 years, we have been manufacturing spas in Australia, a practice we are committed to for the future. Our local production team allows us to maintain the highest quality control standards.

The Landscape of Australian Spa Manufacturing

Only a select number of spa manufacturers operate on Australian soil, with Spa Industries Global being the most prominent. They produce Australian-made spas, retailing under the Just Spas brand. This includes ranges like Cyclone Spas, Signature Spas, and Leisurerite Spas, all crafted in their manufacturing facility in Hallam, Victoria.

Why Opt for an Australian-Made Spa?

Opting for an Australian-made spa supports far more than the local economy. These spas are designed for easy servicing, with locally available spare parts, significantly reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Australian-made spas are synonymous with exceptional quality and durability, tailor-made for the unique Australian climate. This ensures that your spa experience is not only enjoyable but also lasting. Furthermore, purchasing locally guarantees support backed by an Australian Factory Warranty.

When choosing a high-quality spa or swim spa, opting for a certified Australian-made product is an investment in peace of mind. You’re assured of superior quality, access to local support, and favourable warranty terms.

To learn more about our range of spas and swim spas, get a quote, find your local store or browse our range – your dream spa is waiting for you.



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