Choosing the Perfect Above Ground Pool for Your Home

Owning a pool is often referred to as the ultimate Australian dream, but with that dream comes several options, significant financial investment and many things you need to consider before jumping into pool ownership – it can become quite the headache.

Considered the more affordable or easier pool solution, above-ground pools are an option worth considering. The choice of an above ground pool offers a practical solution for many Australian families. Not only do they offer a blend of affordability and safety, but they also cater to diverse needs and goals.


Why Above Ground Pools?

Above ground pools are a game-changer in the Australian lifestyle. They’re not just a budget-friendly alternative to traditional pools; they’re a safer option too, especially if you have kids running around. Plus, the elevated design adds a touch of elegance to any backyard.


Assessing the options

Inflatable Above Ground Pools: If you’re looking for something that’s easy to set up for a summer splash and equally easy to pack away, inflatable pools are your best bet. They’re perfect for smaller spaces and are a hit with the kids.

Steel Frame Above Ground Pools: When durability is your priority, steel frame pools are the way to go. They stand the test of time and weather, offering a more permanent swimming solution.


Swim Spas

Now, let’s delve into the world of swim spas, a rapidly growing trend. Combining the soothing experience of a spa with the versatility of a pool, these compact wonders are an ideal fit for most Australian yards. Notably, their easy installation stands out as a significant advantage, eliminating the need for intricate, costly and time-consuming pool construction projects!

With their growing popularity comes a large selection, from swim spas which feature more swim space, like the Signature V-STREAM Series 3 Swim Spa or the X539 Swim Spa with reclined hydrotherapy seats for a luxurious spa experience. Swim spas as an above ground pool option for Australian families is a strong choice.

The joy of owning a pool in your backyard is truly the dream. Whether it’s a swim spa for the ultimate relaxation or a durable steel frame pool for endless summer fun, you’re not just choosing a pool but creating a haven for your family.

At Just Spas, we can help you find the perfect above-ground pool! One of our swim spa options would be ideal for your family. Find your nearest Just Spas store location or get your free quote today!



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