Reasons to Refresh Your Swim Spa Installation for This Season

Imagine the thrill of having your very own swim spa installed in your backyard. From health and fitness to premium in-house relaxation, swim spas elevate a home like few other amenities.

Not only do swim spas offer an easy and effortless space for swimming without the cost or commitment attached to an in-ground pool, but they also provide an optimal space for low-impact resistance exercises – all with the added benefit of their smaller size. Plus, many high-quality swim spas for sale in Australia (such as our Australian-made product range at Just Spas) can be easily installed and maintained. This applies even in confined backyard spaces like patios and decks – making swim spas the ideal, practical yet indulgent home feature. 

Why Refresh Your Swim Spa Installation?

Once you’ve made the rewarding decision to purchase a swim spa, it’s important to know how to take care of it so that it stays in tip-top condition. Responsible swim spa owners will ensure their spas work properly by following a few steps and will be rewarded with the most enjoyable experience, every single time.

Simple Steps to Do it at Home

Get the absolute most out of your outdoor space and swim spa experience by considering a few tips. If you have been using your spa for a few years, these tips are more important than ever! At Just Spas, we suggest following these steps to identify any ways to elevate your spa’s performance:

  • Check for scratches or cracks in the surface of your spa
  • Check the quality and insulation of your spa’s cover to ensure energy conservation
  • Check for any wear and tear due to sunlight, wind, wildlife or other outdoor elements
  • Check the consistency and operation of your spas water filter

By routinely checking for these signs, you will keep your swim spa in optimal condition – allowing it to last longer and run better!

How to Refresh Your Swim Spa Experience

In addition to regular maintenance, you can also enhance the space surrounding your all-season pool to get the absolute most out of it. We understand that every home is unique. This is why your spa should fit into your lifestyle. Here are some tips to make sure your spa adapts to your home and keeps working well.

Find Your Fit

If you’re looking to incorporate a swim spa and its various benefits into your lifestyle, you’ll be happy to know that spas can be installed even in homes that don’t have a ton of space. 

When incorporating a spa into your home, consider the area you have and the different swim spas for sale that boast varying features, dimensions, weights and water capacities. Make sure to review these factors – along with your budget – prior to purchase and installation. At Just Spas, our friendly sales team can help you navigate all of these decisions.

Take Exercise to Another Level

Swim spas provide an ideal in-house luxury for wellness and exercise. Sometimes there are days when you can’t be motivated to make it out to the gym, and taking an indulgent swim in your own home is just what your body needs. Swim against the resistance of your swim spa’s jets in place for a thorough yet low-impact workout, or simply relax in the soothing waters. The choice is yours!

Make the Final Touches with Furniture

Are you known to host a killer barbeque, or as someone who loves taking a morning plunge? There are a few things to consider when refreshing your swim spa environment. 

If you’re looking to create a relaxing oasis, it may make sense to opt for some patio furniture that just makes you want to kick back. If your swim spa is mostly used for exercise, then having some room to stretch out and decompress post-workout would really elevate your routine. On the other hand, if your swim spa will be the centrepiece of many social gatherings, having a barbeque and outdoor dining furniture around will create a setting for a memorable party filled with good food, chats, and dips in the swim spa with friends and family. And if your spa requires a fence, our StepGuard provides a convenient solution for any home space. It can be customised to fit your swim spa.

A swim spa is an innovative piece of equipment for swimming, exercise, and relaxation – all in one convenient above-ground pool. Installing one of these swim spas can open the door to various recreational possibilities. Refreshing the space surrounding your spa to suit your lifestyle and ensuring proper maintenance will get you the most out of your oasis.

At Just Spas, we stock a wide range of the best swim spas in Australia that are affordable alternatives to in-ground pools. Our spas are manufactured at our facility in Hallam, Victoria, which is the largest spa and swim spa manufacturing facility in the Southern Hemisphere and has been in business for over 25 years.

Contact our team at Just Spas today to learn more about our specials, get a quote on your swim spa of choice, or ask any questions you may have! Plus, don’t hesitate to visit us at our store nearest you.



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