Five Ways to Create the Luxury Hotel Spa Experience at Home

Nothing beats receiving the ultimate spa experience when you go on holiday. Checking into a luxury hotel and scheduling some me-time on your vacation is a relaxing treat. Receiving massages, unwinding in a sauna and sipping cocktails while you take in the hotel’s views is an unmatched experience wherein you can truly treat yourself. Unfortunately, we can’t be on vacation and at a spa every single day.

But what if you could replicate that spa experience at home? You don’t need to book a pricey weekend away to get the luxe feel. At Just Spas, we love helping families turn their homes into an oasis, a place everyone can enjoy spending quality time together in! And we believe that it’s possible to achieve the luxe hotel experience in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to learn exactly how you can get that quality spa treatment whenever you want.

  • Invest in a Quality Spa

Once you’ve chosen the perfect spot in your home for a spa, it’s time to pick out the right one for you and your family. Spas come in all different shapes and sizes, but make sure that whatever spa you choose is durable and comfortable. We also offer a wide range of swim spas for those who enjoy having a little more movement while they relax. These offer resistance jets to help you tone and strengthen your body as well. With a variety of different designs and sizes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect addition to your home spa experience.

Investing in a quality spa will allow you to relax, unwind and enjoy some true self-care at home. Just Spas’ range of spas consists of premium quality spas that offer luxurious comfort and performance. Ranging from three seats all the way through to 12, we have a spa for you – no matter how big your party is!

Choosing a spa that is of higher quality rather than the cheapest price point is crucial to receiving a positive spa experience. Cheaper spas that cut corners when it comes to quality will cost you more money in repairs and upkeep in the long run. However, a quality spa will ensure that you have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience for many years to come.

  • Buy Spa Treatment Products to Live the Experience

If you want to recreate a true and authentic spa experience at home, a simple way to do that is by purchasing self-care products you would often find in spas. These include things like massage oils, a nice body scrub, face masks and skincare products. You should also consider investing in a quality robe and slippers so that you can really relax after your at-home spa treatment.

There are many different products available on the market that can easily transform your home into a hotel spa experience. You can even add in a few candles and some soothing music to really set the mood. Nothing feels better than treating yourself to some self-love after a tough day.

  • Take Your Time and Enjoy the Experience

There’s never any need to rush when you’re at a luxury hotel receiving a spa treatment, so why should it be any different when you’re at home? Schedule as much time as you would like out of your weeknight, or restore your mindset on a Sunday with some me-time. When you’re at home, take your time and enjoy every step of your spa experience. This means unwinding and reading a book in the spa, putting on a face mask while you kick your feet back and enjoy the feeling of the jacuzzi jets on your skin.

  • Focus on self-care

The goal of creating a hotel spa experience at home should be about more than just relaxation or showing off to friends – it should be about self-care. Ensure you regularly make time for yourself each week to focus on your mental and physical health. This could simply mean taking some time to read or meditate before hopping into your spa. Utilising the hydrotherapy and massage functions in your jacuzzi, such as the jets, is a great way to have some recovery time.

  • Reward Yourself Afterwards

After you’ve taken the time to pamper yourself with a luxurious home spa experience, make sure to reward yourself afterwards! This could mean indulging in your favourite dessert, buying yourself a new outfit, or scheduling a massage for next week. Whatever you do, make sure you treat yourself well so that you can really enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

At Just Spas, we know how important it is to treat yourself. That’s why we offer you the highest quality spas and swim spas for your home spa experience, so you can truly enjoy every moment. Take a look at our range to see which one is perfect for you, and get a quote today!



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