Why Are Spas So Relaxing?

The common selling points of spas tend to revolve around the relaxation factor – their unique ability to transport you to a moment of tranquillity and calm, and make you feel like you’re on holiday while staying in the comfort of your own backyard. Swimming as a pastime has always been considered a leisurely activity, with baths dating back to Ancient Egypt and even a swimming pool in the Indian palace Mohenjo Daro dating back to 2800 BC, but what separates spas from these examples is being able to provide even more of a relaxing dip? In essence; what makes a spa a better and more relaxing option than going to the beach or a pool?

There are a lot of factors at work here, so let’s jump in – pardon the pun!

Designed for leisure as a priority

 Swimming pools in general can be used for exercise or playing with the kids alongside relaxation, but when it comes to spas, creating an environment for ultimate serenity is the main goal and the central purpose they serve. Between features like their comfortable seating, optimised jet placement and in-built luxuries like speakers and lights, everything about spas has been thought out and designed with creating a little slice of paradise for you in mind.

Still, want to enjoy a swim and get the heart pumping? Look into a swim spa, designed to give you the best of both worlds. You then have the option to work on developing your endurance, improving muscular strength and burning off calories just as you can enjoy spa relaxation and de-stressing.


There’s a reason hydrotherapy has been a beloved treatment since the time of the Ancient Greeks; the combination of forces like inertia and buoyancy alongside hydrostatic pressure means that many find success in using it to treat common ailments. Hydrotherapy is often used for relaxing and rehabilitating injured muscles, boosting immunity, alleviating pains and even improving cardiovascular health.

Spas have in-built hydrotherapy jets specifically designed for better serving these purposes, speeding up healing processes and providing significant relief to those who suffer from joint aches and pains. Those who experience things like chronic back issues, arthritis or MS may find this particularly helpful. 

Hot water health and well-being benefits

To add to the benefit of hydrotherapy, hot water deserves to be mentioned – it’s hard to know where to start with the whole host of benefits that come along with spending time in the hot water of a spa bath. Submerging ourselves in hot water can have a relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, effectively reducing stress and anxiety, while also improving our circulation. A study by researcher Dr. Thomas Allison found that spending time in hot water has the effect of increasing your heart rate while also lowering your blood pressure, a great benefit for those who might be at risk of hypertension or heart disease.

Another interesting benefit to hot water is its effect on our skin. The steam of the hot water opens up our skin’s pores, meaning any trapped dirt or polluting toxins can be cleared out and the overall appearance of our skin will be improved. It’s a bonus detoxification process that can help you feel refreshed and glowing!

Hot water can also help us to have better quality and more restful sleep – so don’t rule out a quick night time dip before bed! Not only does the hot water help keep us calm and cosy, but when you get out of the water and feel that shock of cold, it actually physiologically primes you for bed. Your body’s internal core temperature will drop, resulting in the sending of signals to your mind and body that it’s time to rest.

Convenience and privacy

One thing a backyard spa will always have over the local YMCA, beach or baths, is that you get to have it all to yourself. No worrying about hygiene or contracting any nasties, or having to be mindful of others, because you know it’ll just be you – and that’s true relaxation. Not to mention that your house is only a hop, skip and a jump away. Forgot a towel? Run back in and grab one. Feel like a cocktail or listening to some music? The world – or in this case, the backyard – is your oyster.

The convenience of a spa also lies in its size; far easier to maintain than a pool, you won’t have to wrestle with an oversized cover in wintertime and can look forward to easy, straightforward maintenance and cleaning processes.

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