Creating an In-Home Oasis: 9 Tips for Designing Your Personal Spa Retreat

Today’s world is fast-paced, which makes finding a way to approach and soothe our daily stresses all the more critical. Having a place to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate is no longer a luxury – but a near necessity.

So, what if we told you that you could create this kind of retreat right in your backyard? With Just Spas, your dream of designing a personal spa retreat can become a reality. Here are our 9 top tips for creating your very own in-home sanctuary, from outdoor spa design ideas to what to look for in a spa itself. Let’s get decorating, shall we?

1. Choose the Ideal Location for Your Spa

The first step in your retreat-design journey is picking the perfect spot. Before anything else, consider factors such as accessibility, privacy, and availability of natural light. Whether you already own or are in the market for a spa, its size will determine where you can place it, and what else can exist around it. The only hard and fast rule here is to ensure that your chosen location allows enough space for the spa and additional design elements, such as seating, a table, and so on.

2. Choose a Spa That Suits Your Lifestyle

Identify your wellness goals and choose a spa or swim spa that caters to them. Are you focused on fitness, relaxation, or a mix of both? Just Spas offers a variety of high-quality, Australian-made spas that can cater to any routine.

The focus of your spa, whether it’s an intimate 4 seater for morning and evening soaks, or a larger swim spa for low-impact workouts, will inherently influence your overall spa oasis space. Maybe you’ll choose a swim spa and create an outdoor gym area, or hang fairy lights and set up an outdoor bar near your hydrotherapy-focused tub. The choice is yours!

3. Develop a Calming Colour Scheme

We know that colour influences mood. So, opt for calming, neutral shades that encourage relaxation. Soothing blues, calming greens, or neutral greys and beiges can set an idyllic tone for your you-space. These colours, or any others you prefer to create your desired mood, can be incorporated through wall paint, tiles, cushion covers, and additional spa accessories.

4. Invest in Optimal Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in establishing ambience. During the day, allow as much natural light as possible to keep the space open and airy. In the evening, consider dimmable lights or string lights to create the relaxing mood you’re after. Some of our home spa designs even come equipped with adjustable LED-coloured underwater lights and an ITouch colour touchpad. Plus, if you want to up the ambience further, additional extras can include a Bluetooth stereo, premium lighting, arctic insulation and ultraviolet sanitisation. Get ready to throw a sweet party, even if it’s just for yourself. 

5. Choose Durable, Water-Resistant Materials

When choosing your design details, such as outdoor furniture, cushions and covers, make sure to invest in products built from materials that can withstand the humid environment your spa will create, as well as the Australian climate. You also want your outdoor furniture and accessories to be easy to clean. Stone, ceramic, and porcelain for flooring and walls are great for this! 

Want an added design tip? Incorporating elements of wood can fill your space with warmth and adds a luxurious touch.

6. Incorporate Comfortable Seating Areas

As we’ve mentioned, creating a holistic spa retreat goes beyond the spa itself. Adding some comfortable seating, like a chaise or outdoor lounge set, to the area will offer a designated place to hang out before or after your spa session. Go for furnishings covered in moisture-resistant fabrics to enhance the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your lounge space. You could even incorporate a cooking and dining space, such as a barbeque and outdoor table, to really elevate the area. 

7. Accessorise Thoughtfully

Accessories are what tie a space together. Think plush towels, a cosy bathrobe, scented candles, or a collection of your favourite essential oils. A stylish stand or table nearby to rest a drink or a book. These are the little details that make all the difference when designing your spa space!

8. Plan for Easy Maintenance

Our swim spas at Just Spas are crafted for easy maintenance, allowing your oasis to remain a place of relaxation, not work. We are available to offer advice on maintaining optimal water chemistry and general spa upkeep.

9. Secure Your Investment with a Solid Warranty

Lastly, you want to make sure that the centrepiece of your relaxation haven – your spa – is covered if anything were to go awry. That’s when a warranty becomes the ultimate saving grace.

When you purchase a spa with Just Spas, you’re giving yourself extra peace of mind. Our solid warranties protect your investment, and our nationwide network of independent dealers offers high-quality customer service for the lifetime of your spa.

Not only do we offer warranties, but we stand by the unparalleled quality of Australian-made products. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Hallam, Victoria, is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, and we have store locations across the country.

Designing an in-home spa retreat allows you to blend interior design with wellness, creating a space that is not only visually gorgeous but allows you the space to get in touch with your well-being. Contact your local dealer today for a quote, answers to any questions you may have, or arrange an in-store appointment – and start creating your own oasis!



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