How to Maximise Your Winter Swim Spa Experience in 2023

The idea of a winter spa can seem like a chilling one, you may even think you’ll turn blue using one! But using a swim spa in the colder months lets you exercise, swim, and relax with all the therapeutic benefits you would get in any other season. In fact, the practice of bathing in warm water during winter dates all the way back to traditional Japanese onsens, where the process of moving between temperatures has been shown to increase blood flow efficiency and loosen tense muscles for additional recovery and mobility. 

Our range of swim spas are the perfect way to enhance your home, with smart designs that are made to be easy to install, so you don’t have to wait until summer to enjoy all the benefits they provide. With built-in heaters and massage jets, you can enjoy the health, relaxation and social aspects of your swim spa right in the comfort of your backyard, whatever the temperature. Upgrade your home with a spa big enough for the whole family to enjoy for every season.  

Using Your Swim Spa in Winter 

The first question you may ask is how effectively does a swim spa run during winter. The good news is that we design every winter spa to be easy to install, maintain and of course, last for as long as you need it, whatever the weather. This means your backyard swim spa will operate ‘swimmingly’ during the closer snaps. 

There are however a few things to take note of when using your swim spa in winter: 

  • Heat Loss

Our arctic insulation design comes standard with every one of our swim spas. With eight layers of high-grade insulation material, your swim spa prevents passive heat loss during the winter. This can reduce heating costs by up to 30%, saving you money in the colder seasons. If you do need to  turn up the heaters and water jets just remember to do so in moderation, so it won’t lead to any damages down the line. 

  • Winter Hydrotherapy 

During the cold, our muscles contract more frequently and we tend to move around less to stay warm, usually underneath thick blankets or doonas. Soaking that little bit longer will do wonders for aching joints and stiff muscles. The same goes for longer swims in your winter swim spa which will help unlock the full power of hydrotherapy for winter stiffness.  

Benefits of Using a Swim Spa in Winter 

For over 25 years, we have provided Australians with the largest range of spas that fit right into any garden space, and we’re not going to let a little cold stop us. Installation for above-ground and below-ground spas can be done whatever the weather, and you and your family get to access all the benefits that come with your spa. Here are some of the benefits of using a swim spa in the winter: 

  • Unlocking Health Benefits

The dozens of highly powered jets in our spas let you swim against the current with a range of exercise benefits. If you have sore joints, stiff muscles or are suffering from an injury, this is a great way to recover. You don’t need to stop in the winter, recover when you need it.  

  • Fun for Friends and Family

The party doesn’t have to stop just because it’s cold outside. Turn your spa into a winter wonderland with lights and music and for a festive mood that keeps you warm and relaxed while entertaining when friends come over.  

  • Relaxing Anytime

You’ll still get the odd hard day of work during colder seasons. You can always relax whenever you want with our products, even in winter. We always recommend a bit of chilling out. 

For even more benefits, you can watch our video on the benefits of a Swim Spa

Best Winter Swim Spas in Australia 

With all the benefits of a traditional pool, without the overload of space, you can relax, exercise, swim and socialise even in the winter, with less maintenance than a swimming pool. With high-quality materials, our swim spas can be used year-round, making them a great choice for colder climates, whether that’s during the winter or for Australians who live in the chillier climates. When you pick out your winter spa, keep these elements in mind to make the best choice: 


Available in a variety of sizes, from small models for one or two people on a veranda to larger units that can seat family and friends. Think about who will be using the swim spa. 


With built-in features like jets, heaters and decorative lights it’s important to decide which features are most important to you, especially if you’ll be using your swim spa in the winter or at night. Look for a model that includes what you value. 

Water Quality

Our swim spa range comes with high-quality filtration and sanitation systems. This keeps the water quality to safe levels even in winter, but if you have pets and children that will be in the water, it’s important to have high levels of filtration for extra water safety. 

Swim Spas for Sale

Whether you are looking for a warm winter spa for those cold night dips or want a swim spa that runs all year round, we have you covered. Enjoy all the benefits through winter and turn your backyard into a steamy winter wonderland, where you can swim, exercise, relax and socialise. 

For all swim spas, spa pools or outdoor spas, we are here to get you started and help at every step of the way. Reach out to our team to get a quote and enjoy your winters even more. 



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