Swim Spa Safety Covers: Protection and Peace of Mind

Our collection of swim spas offers a place where you and the family can relax, socialise and exercise. That is why spa maintenance is such a large part of keeping that investment covered, and the best way to do that is with a swim spa safety cover.  

A protective cover doesn’t just keep leaves out, it keeps your loved ones safe and is an essential part of responsible swim spa ownership. 

The Benefits of Swim Spa Safety Covers 

We know how important peace of mind is to you; relaxing and unwinding in your heated spa is a great feature that helps you de-stress and recover any sore muscles. For over 25 years, we have been providing our customers with that peace of mind with every designed spa we install into a backyard or garden, but a cover can go the extra distance with just that bit more safety and protection. 

It’s convenient to keep the water secure from elements such as rain, leaves, dirt or grass clippings, but a secure swim spa is part of making sure it is safe for everyone to use. A cover is also simple to install, with the design of our swim spas that go above or below ground easily, a cover slips on the top like a glove thanks to the range of sizes we offer with our spas. 

The Best Swim Spa Safety Covers for Protection

Before you get started on adding the security and protection that a swim spa safety cover provides, you need to know which option is the best for you. Keep reading to find out more about our range of safety cover options so you can stay relaxed and in control, with the best swim spa safety covers. 

For maintenance of the cover itself, not much is needed as they are designed to weather harsh conditions such as heavy rain, wind, snow or debris from trees and dirt. The only thing to keep in mind is areas with high UV conditions that can lead to colour-fading in the cover, which is where a UV-resistant cover would be a great option to remain in pristine condition for the longest period of time. 

If you need more information about swim spa maintenance in general, here are some more top tips for swim spa maintenance.

Get Your Swim Spa 

Swim spa covers are made with the best materials to complement the quality of our range of products. We believe in the quality and sturdiness that Australian-made products offer, we do have a rather unique climate after all. 

Our manufacturing facility, located in Hallam, Victoria, is the largest swim spa manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere, and we offer one of the largest ranges of swim spas anywhere in Australia. So for all your swim spa needs and protective cover questions, don’t hesitate to get a quote or contact us directly, we would love to hear from you. 



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