5 Ways to Keep Your Spa Costs Low

Spas are a wonderfully luxurious and indulgent addition to any home, providing a serene space to relax, de-stress and release tension. But, if you’re not careful, the costs of owning and operating one can quickly rack up. At Just Spas, we know that the proper maintenance of a spa helps you get the absolute most out of it. So we’ve rounded up these top 5 tips on keeping your energy costs low and affordable – so that you can really relax. 

1. Invest in a Quality Spa

First things first – you get what you invest in. When looking to save on long-term costs associated with a spa, it’s worth it to put your money towards a quality purchase that you know will last. At Just Spas, you can breathe easy when browsing our range of spas and swim spas for sale – most of which are Australian-made and come with a 100-year TuffFrame™ structural warranty. 

An added tip: when shopping for spas in Australia, consider a small swim spa. Especially good options for keeping energy costs low, small swim spas require less energy than larger models but provide the same functions – ideal for those who want lower maintenance prices and minimal energy usage.

2. Keep Your Spa’s Temperature Down

It seems straightforward, but this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce your energy bill when you own a spa. The most significant cost that comes from owning a hot tub or swim spa is heating it. So by monitoring its temperature, you can control how much you spend in doing so. Features such as iSPA WiFi Connect provide an effortless way to monitor and control the temperature of your spa remotely.

Once you’ve completely heated your spa, keep an eye on its thermostat and lower the temperature this way. If you keep your tub insulated, it will retain heat without constantly driving up your bill.

3. Use an Insulated Cover

That leads us to our next tip – keep your tub well-insulated by investing in a quality cover. Not only will an air-tight cover pack in the heat, allowing you not to spend as much to keep pumping warmth into your tub – but they also keep twigs, dirt, and whatever else may fall in from the outdoors out of the water. 

AT Just Spas, every purchase comes with an insulated cover custom-made to your spa or swim spa – trapping heat in and benefiting your energy bill.

4. Clean Your Filter & Stay On Top of Maintenance

Keeping your swim spa’s filter clean is essential to see the full benefits of owning a spa. Even the best swim spas on the market require filter cleaning as regular maintenance. 

You’ll find that a clean filter can save you money in the long run by helping limit excess energy and repairs due to clogs or blockages. When a spa’s filter gets clogged up, the motor has to work harder to clean the tub, therefore drawing more power than it would otherwise need. Not to mention, cleaning your filter keeps the water you soak in crystal clear!

Identifying and cleaning any debris from the filter regularly will help ensure it has enough flow for cleaning and circulation. For small swim spas, we recommend checking this at least every two weeks. Keeping your spa’s water filter clean will leave you with one less factor that accumulates costs and more time to enjoy your favourite new space!

5. Convert Your Spa to a Plunge Pool in Winter

If you own or are considering purchasing a spa for your home, then you value wellness and living a healthy lifestyle. And while having a soak in a hot tub is a second-to-none way to relax, there are also health benefits that come from submerging in cold water – such as reducing stress and improving circulation. 

So, when the cost of heating your spa peaks during the winter months, why not consider converting it into a cold pool? The cold water dips will benefit your lymphatic system and keep you alert, and you’ll get a second use out of your spa! However, if you choose to heat your spa in the winter, that’s fair enough! 

By following the previous tips alongside maintaining proper service on your spa, you will keep it in optimal condition for longer – and keep costs down! 

If you’re keen to put a quality spa in your home, contact us today or visit a nearby store!



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