5 Backyard Renos That Add Value to Your Home

According to Ida Schwartz, “You’re not going to find a better place than your backyard.” Schwartz, a top selling agent with 18 years of experience, was referring to the number one place people like to hang out and relax. We think she makes a good point: “After a whole week at work, people just want to hang at their home.”

Knowing this, it’s certainly a wise decision to invest in your backyard. Aside from enhancing your yard’s beauty, an outdoor renovation adds market appeal to your home, and has the potential to increase its value. 

With so many makeover ideas out there, we’ve put together a list of five backyard renovations that are likely to increase the value of your home (as well as boost your backyard’s wow factor!).

Invest in a spa

When a spa is made to look like a part of your property, it has a significant impact on the price of your home. Spas built into backyard patios and decks, or that are directly connected to a home’s water systems can increase your home’s resale price by as much as 75% of the cost of the spa. Of course, the appearance and condition of the spa plays a part, so if you’re looking to invest in one, make sure to maintain it. 

Due to their many tangible benefits, spas also add significant appeal to your home. A spa can be used for relaxation, entertainment, fitness and more, making them an ideal addition to any backyard. 

Install a deck

As well as being practical, attractive and fun, decks are a great way to increase the value of your property. Australians love entertaining, and a deck is the perfect vehicle for doing so, making it a smart upgrade to your backyard. Whether you pair it with a large outdoor table or a funky outdoor lounge, installing a stylish deck lends a sense of homeliness and relaxation to your property that will not only likely add to its value, but entice potential buyers too. 

Add lighting

Outdoor lighting can increase the value of your property as well as its overall charm. Lighting deters burglars and creates a magical ambience that buyers will find hard to resist. Stylish, high-quality exterior lighting such as motion lights or low-voltage landscape options are especially well-liked as they combine practicality with appeal. According to the National Association of Realtors, outdoor lighting offers a 50 percent return on your investment, on average.

Build an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are increasingly becoming an option of choice for homeowners looking to add value to their property. Outdoor kitchens can be used all year round and are a great way to entertain at home. The best part about them is they are completely customisable. Add a pizza oven to infuse your kitchen with rustic charm or invest in a drinks fridge to create the ultimate party kitchen. As with any investment, though, you don’t want to overcapitalise, so make sure your kitchen suits the style and age of your home.

Refresh your landscaping

Landscaping is an easy and effective way to add value to your home and there are endless ways to do it. Planting a hedge is a great place to start as, aside from creating visual appeal, it can add privacy to your backyard, which is a huge selling point for buyers. There are numerous landscaping styles to choose from, including contemporary, country, coastal and Japanese-inspired. For a setting that never goes out of style, try a formal garden. For one that requires little maintenance, opt for a minimal design. Whatever landscaping improvements you decide to make, costs recovered are typically 100%, so there’s really no reason not to whip out the spade and shovel.

The winner?

Going the extra mile to soup up your outdoor space is a smart investment. Done right, you’ll yield a backyard that not only adds to your lifestyle, but your home’s value too.

The winner, though? Whilst it depends on your backyard and lifestyle, the countless physical and social perks of a spa make it our favourite way to boost your property’s value. Not only does a spa provide unparalleled relaxation, but it offers you peace of mind that, should you choose to move, your home’s value will benefit.  

If you’re looking to invest in a spa that raises the value of your property, we’re here to help! Contact your local Just Spas dealer today.

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