How Much Are Swim Spas?

If you’re looking into buying a swim spa, there’s likely a reason you’re looking at a swim spa over a regular spa – maybe you’re looking for something that will help keep you active and can be used more for exercise, or perhaps you prefer the shape and build in terms of the way it will compliment your backyard. But what’s the price difference you need to consider as a result of this, and the actual cost of a swim spa? 

In many ways, a swim spa is an upgrade from a regular spa, and that means the costs involved in building one may be considerably different depending on which model you are looking at. Factors like where it was built (whether or not it is Australian made matters!), the quality of the components used to manufacture it, warranties and after-sales services included in the price and how credible the manufacturing company is will all impact the final cost of a swim spa. Because of this, prices can vary wildly – with some swim spas costing anywhere between $18,000 all the way up to $40,000 for luxury models.

So, what should you look out for? There are 5 areas to consider when factoring in how much you want to pay for your swim spa, and they are as follows;

Brand credibility

The obvious starting point is the brand making the swim spa itself; is the brand recognised globally, or have they been operating in the space long enough? Spa Industries Global has been leading the Australian made spa manufacturer industry for over 25 years, and all the brands Just Spas stock are renowned and trusted. It’s important to consider not only the retailer selling you the spa, but also how long the product has been made by the company as well. If it’s a newer model, it may be more likely to have some kinks or programming issues as opposed to models it has masterfully manufactured for years. 

Manufacturing location

The price of your swim spa will vary widely depending on where it is manufactured, as well. This is due to fluctuating costs of labour which change from country to country – however, the final quality of the product is not intrinsically linked to where it was built. Just Spas manufactures all our spas in our Spa Manufacturing Facility in Victoria. This enables us to implement our own QC processes like inspections from Quality Auditors, and a Final Acceptance Spa Test at the water testing stage. This test sees our spas undergo a 100 point computer analysis to ensure all electrical components are operating in the right amperage parameters.

Features and build quality

This is the real nuts and bolts of what will determine your price. What swim system does your spa have, and how many jets or even turbines are involved? What are the materials used to build your spa – does it have a galvanised steel frame and a quality cabinet? Other components like having a circulation pump rather than a 2-speed pump, an automatic sanitising system and full foam insulation of the shell of the spa and inside of the cabinet can add thousands to the cost of a swim spa but years to its lifetime. Having high-quality components in your swim spa can easily double its cost, so it’s important to look at these features and see how they stack up. Don’t forget to look at any add-ons or accessories, like Wi-Fi or app integrations, and covers or cover lifters.


Don’t forget about the warranties! These are a good indication of how long your spa will be expected to last according to the manufacturer, as well. A 1 year warranty may not inspire much hope, but if you look for somewhere around the 10 year mark for a shell structure warranty for your swim spa, this should be a good ball park. Remember that warranties for pumps, jets and plumbing are separate – a 2 year warranty or above for these is sufficient. Some spa manufacturers will also have separate warranties for shell surface, cabinet and frame structure, so it’s worth enquiring about these ones as well for your own peace of mind.

We’ve included three of our most popular swim spas below stocked at Just Spas, each in a different price range to suit all needs and preferences, to help you get a feel for how swim spas are priced according to size, features, materials and a variety of other traits.

Signature V-STREAM Series 1 Swim Spa

From $26,990

A great starter swim spa, the V-STREAM Series 1 seats six people and is a more compact solution for smaller backyard spaces. But not to worry – it comes packed with all the bells and whistles, from Wi-Fi connectivity and a colour touchpad to a total of 39 jets.

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252 Swim Spa

From $30,900

The 252 Swim Spa is a great mid-range option for swimmers who want the best of both worlds. With a seated capacity of five and a great build featuring arctic insulation, an energy efficient titanium heater and a bluetooth stereo, this spa is a quality piece that will stand the test of time.

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Silver X539 Swim Spa

From $19,990

The Silver X539 is a luxury model for those who want to bring true indulgence to their backyard space. With a huge nine seat capacity and integrated underwater LED lights, this swim spa is great for hosting parties and entertaining alongside keeping fit and active. Enquire for more info

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