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Do you need a spa fence? Understanding safety barrier rules by state

Australia has strict rules governing the fencing and safety barriers around spas, like those for swimming pools. These regulations are vital for safeguarding children from the dangers of drowning or serious injury in private pools and spas across Australia. As an owner of a spa, you must ensure that your spa not only has a

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Benefits of Australian-Made Spas

Purchasing an Australian-made spa extends beyond the quality of the product. The economic benefits, such as job creation and retention, have profound impacts on the local community. This domestic focus helps retain industries and fosters technological advancements within Australia. Notably, recent years have seen significant advancements in spa technology, much of it on Australian shores.

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Choosing the Perfect Above Ground Pool for Your Home

Owning a pool is often referred to as the ultimate Australian dream, but with that dream comes several options, significant financial investment and many things you need to consider before jumping into pool ownership – it can become quite the headache. Considered the more affordable or easier pool solution, above-ground pools are an option worth

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How Long Does It Take To Heat A Swim Spa?

The time it takes to heat up the water in a swim spa depends on a range of factors. At Just Spas, we know you don’t want to spend your time waiting around when you could be enjoying the benefits of relaxing or exercising in one of our lavish swim spas.  With a range of

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Swim Spa Safety Covers: Protection and Peace of Mind

Our collection of swim spas offers a place where you and the family can relax, socialise and exercise. That is why spa maintenance is such a large part of keeping that investment covered, and the best way to do that is with a swim spa safety cover.   A protective cover doesn’t just keep leaves out,

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Top Tips for Swim Spa Accessories 2023

We believe that a swim spa should be a valuable addition to the home. It’s fun for the family and a great place to relax, socialise and exercise all in the comfort of your backyard. However, maybe you are looking to get more out of the experience and find out what you can add to

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