Let us help you find the ideal spa for you and your family. At Just Spas Gold Coast, we offer a wide range of spas, including portable Australian made spas and swim spas to fit every need and budget. Our showroom allows you to browse our range and talk to one of our friendly team members.

At Just Spas Gold Coast, we believe that nothing beats the experience of being able to soak in the sunshine and fresh air. High quality spas are an investment in your health and happiness. Our showroom allows you to shop for the best spa brands with the best customer service, so feel free to come into the store or call us with any questions about our products.


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    Just Spas Gold Coast is the city’s premier spa, swim spa, urban pool and home sauna showroom located at Nerang, Queensland, 4211, Australia 3/46 Spencer Road. 

    With a wide variety of Australian-made spas and swim spas on display, you’re free to browse our range of spas designed to suit any lifestyle, season or family size. 

    Talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members about finding your perfect swim spa in the Gold Coast 


    Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have, or arrange an instore appointment so we can take the time to find the perfect spa or swim spa for your needs.

      FAQs About Swim Spas Gold Coast 2023

      The Gold Coast is adored by sunseekers and holidaymakers who flock to its tropical climate. Whilst most of the days out of the year are sunny, the winter season can vary with temperatures from day to day, so having a swim spa that can adapt is a must. 

      That’s why, at Just Spas, our spas boast a sophisticated design that is crafted using high-quality materials from our national processing centre.

      There are many swim spa benefits in the Gold Coast. Each one comes with a  range of temperature regulation controls and external heater options, making them suitable for any season in the Gold Coast. During the colder Gold Coast winters, all of our swim spas feature built-in arctic insulation to help maintain their heat at all times. This insulation utilises eight robust layers of strong, insulating material that traps warm water and prevents cold air from lowering the overall temperature during the day and at night. 

      If you want even more information on using your swim spa during a cold winter, dive into our article about improving your spa benefits during colder months.

      For the best swim spas in the Gold Coast, whether you want to relax on your own or let your family and friends join you, at Just Spas, we cater for a range of sizes and needs.

      Here are the seat sizes of our swim spas: 

      With this range of seating options, each model of spa also offers different water-holding amounts, light and heating options to accommodate your specific needs. 

      To get the right size for your new spa in the Gold Coast fit, consider the space and location that best suits the spa. A larger space can accommodate more people if you know you will have a certain number of people using it. Also, think about the hydrotherapeutic benefits you want, do you need a lot of jets for intense swimming, or less to just relax? 

      Talk to a member of our team if you are unsure which model is the best for you.

      Installing a swim spa in the Gold Coast requires preparation to get it right and avoid problems down the line.  Here are some tips to help you with the process: 

      Site Selection and Preparation

      At this stage it is important to pick a spot for your spa that has plenty of space for safe entry and exit into the water. There also needs to be no obstacles in the general vicinity such as trees or stripping hazards. 


      Once you have made your purchase, your local delivery courier can assist you with the transportation and handling. Just make sure they have clear access to the property, including the road entrance or driveway. You can read our pre-delivery guide for more information. 

      Spa Foundation (above ground)

      The main thing is to check that the foundation can support the weight of the spa, including the water that it will contain. Soft surfaces like grass or soil are unsuitable for spas to stay on for extended periods of time.  

      Spa Foundation (below ground) 

      You can install your spa below ground with the proper construction from trained professionals. 

      In all cases of installation, make sure to follow the Queensland safety standards concerning swimming pools and spas.  

      Here are some tips for maintaining your swim spa in the Gold Coast. 

      1. Regularly monitor the water level to make sure low levels don’t damage the water pump and affect the water’s pH balance.
      2. Clean the filter every few months to prevent dirt buildup. You can use our spa covers for enhanced protection, ensuring safety from unsupervised access and increasing heat retention.
      3. Replace the water every 3-4 months to maintain the water quality.

      We pride ourselves on having some of Australia’s most energy-efficient swim spas. 

      Our comprehensive manufacturing oversight means we can combine high standards of quality with competitive prices. With advanced temperature technology, arctic insulation and effective internal/external heating options, we help you keep your spa energy costs as low as possible. 

      Visit us at Nerang, Queensland, 4211, Australia 3/46 Spencer Road Explore our range to find the ideal spa tailored to your preferences. Our dedicated customer service team is ready to assist you. For any other questions, you can refer to our FAQ page or reach out to us directly.