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At Just Spas Hallam and Cheltenham, we are committed to quality and service. Our showrooms allow you to shop for the best spa brands and the highest-quality spa accessories. We sell a wide variety of portable spas and swim spas to fit every space, budget, and need.

Explore your backyard oasis with Just Spas East Melbourne’s various locations: Hallam, and Cheltenham. With the most extensive range of Australian-made spas and swim spas along with all your spa accessories and chemical needs, we are your spa one-stop shop with the best customer service in East Melbourne.

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Cheltenham, Victoria, 3192, Australia
153 Centre Dandenong Road

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    For more than 25 years, we have been proudly crafting spas in Australia, ensuring maximum quality control by keeping our production on shore. To achieve an exceptional spa experience, we meticulously hand-select all the components from around the world, incorporating only the latest cutting-edge technologies.


    Discover the epitome of luxury and versatility with Cyclone Spas, proudly manufactured in Australia. Our premium spa range is thoughtfully designed to elevate your relaxation experience, offering standard options and finishes that exude excellence.


    Leisurerite Spas are designed with modernity and functionality in mind, tailored to fit every Australian home and budget. These energy-efficient spas blend technology and ergonomic design, using only the highest quality components. Built to endure Australia’s harsh climate, they’re Australian-made, rigorously tested, and feature a durable, wood-free TuffBase and TuffFrame.


    Signature Spas redefine luxury and relaxation with its Australian-made swim spas. They stand out for their exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and unique features, symbolising the best in luxury. The range boasts a variety of models with ergonomically designed seats, hydrotherapy options, and patented interchangeable jetpacks, all tailored for ultimate relaxation.


    Urban Pool offers pools tailored to the suburban Australian lifestyle, allowing you to own a custom-designed pool that suits your needs. Manufactured in Australia and designed to fit modern, compact suburban backyards, Urban Pools can be easily installed in tight spaces. They stand out for their cost-effectiveness and ease of installation compared to traditional pools.



    Spas are made in Victoria, in the largest spa manufacturing facility in the southern hemisphere.


    East Melbourne may well have been the world’s most liveable city, but the erratic weather and colder seasons can make it quite difficult to deal with at times.

    Luckily at Just Spas East Melbourne, our swim spas showcase an exquisite design, that is made from top-notch materials. These are sourced directly from our national processing centre, with every product going through a rigorous manufacturing process.

    During the brisk East Melbourne winters, our swim spas come with integral arctic insulation. This design allows for eight sturdy layers that retain warmth effectively and helps stop cold air from changing the water temperature.

    If you are curious about how you can enjoy your swim spa in even the coldest of East Melbourne winters, please read our article on how to maximise your spa usage during winter.

    Whether seeking solitude or communal relaxation, at Just Spas, we offer a range of sizes to cater to any situation. 

    Here are the seat sizes of our swim spas: 

    Each model provides varied water capacities, lighting, and heating options tailored to your requirements. These can be easily controlled at any time using the advanced spa control station so that you can adjust for cold days or even nighttime soaks. 

    Contemplating the fitting space, anticipated users, and desired hydrotherapeutic features will help determine your perfect fit. Unsure? Our helpful team is here to guide you to the best choice.

    Preparing for installation is essential for a seamless experience. Here are some pivotal considerations:

    Site Selection and Preparation

    Ensure ample space for spa placement with unhindered access and devoid of potential hazards like overhead power lines. Assess accessibility from the road to the chosen spot, guaranteeing that property boundaries like gates can accommodate the spa dimensions.


    After your purchase, our trusted delivery partners will handle the transportation, ensuring a smooth placement. Delve into our pre-delivery guide for more insights.

    Spa Foundation (above ground)

    Establish a firm foundation capable of supporting the spa, especially when filled. Avoid unstable terrains like your lawn or soil as these will become damaged over time. 

    Spa Foundation (below ground)

    With adept professionals, an underground spa setup is feasible.

    Remember, adhering to East Melbourne’s safety guidelines concerning pool and spa installations is paramount. 

    For extra security and convenience, the StepGuard and SpaRiser from Just Spas eliminates the need for traditional fencing and are compliant with the state of Victoria’s pool and spa regulations. Contact our team today to find out more.  

    Maintenance in East Melbourne involves a range of tasks. Here are some tips to get you going: 

    1. Regular water level checks to safeguard the water pump and maintain pH balance. This keeps the water quality high, so mould and algae doesn’t form in the spa. 
    2. Quarterly filter cleaning to prevent dirt accumulation and stop blockage to the water flow. 
    3. Keep your spa safe and secure, especially around children and pets with one of our spa covers for enhanced protection, safety, and thermal efficiency.
    4. Refreshing the water every 3-4 months ensures optimal water quality and hygiene. 

    They sure are. Our swim spas rank among Australia’s most energy-efficient and with good reason. 

    Our meticulous manufacturing oversight couples superior quality with affordability. Equipped with innovative temperature mechanisms, supreme insulation, and efficient heating alternatives, our spas ensure minimal energy expenditure.

    You can also choose to purchase external heating devices when you make your order. These include a hybrid electric heater as well as a hybrid gas heater. The gas heater can increase the energy efficiency of your swim spa by up to 70%, reducing your heating costs even further when using it in colder periods. All of this combined means that your East Melbourne spa for swim spas is the real deal when it comes to efficiency and quality. 

    We welcome you to our East Melbourne showrooms to explore our vast range and find your spa haven. We have two locations you can visit us at: 


    8 Keppel Dr, Hallam VIC 3803


    153 Centre Dandenong Rd, Cheltenham VIC 3192 

    Our dedicated customer service team eagerly awaits to assist. For queries or directions, please feel free to connect with us or refer to our online FAQ page.