Top Tips for Swim Spa Accessories 2023

We believe that a swim spa should be a valuable addition to the home. It’s fun for the family and a great place to relax, socialise and exercise all in the comfort of your backyard. However, maybe you are looking to get more out of the experience and find out what you can add to make your investment even better. 

The features that are built into our range of swim spas cover jets, heating, design and safety. But did you know your luxury swimming space could get even more features? Swim spa accessories are a great way to make your swim space even better, they add features such as extra security, heating and privacy. But with a lot of options to choose from which are the right ones to use? Read on to find out what swim spa accessories are available and how they can help. 

The Benefits of Swim Spa Accessories

There are many accessories that add to your swim spa design. Are pesky leaves falling into the water? A cover might be the best option for you. Got children and pets who you don’t want going in unsupervised, child and pet-proof locks might be your solution. Need extra heating or jets for that perfect swim session, then our range of spas has the features you need. 

For additional privacy, the StepGuard is an option that could save you thousands in installation costs. These benefits are just the basics, adding to your spa experience. Here are some of the accessories that can elevate your swim spa experience:


Security can be a big concern if you have young kids or pets that wouldn’t be safe unsupervised. Whatever the reason, a swim spa cover and child protection locks go a long way towards peace of mind. 


We all value our privacy, but you don’t need to break the bank building fences. Our StepGuard option is available for cheap and easy installation to make your swim spa secure and private. 

What Swim Spa Accessories are Available? 

Adding on to your swim spa investment is a great way to increase its value, but it can be tricky to know which accessories are right for you, especially with such a wide range available. 

Keep reading to discover more about spa design and which accessories are the best for you and the family. 

Swim Spa Covers 

Not only do swim spa covers help keep the water warm and debris such as leaves and dirt out, but they are also an important safety feature. Keeping the top covered makes sure that small children or pets can’t easily access the water without supervision. The other benefit is protecting the water quality by stopping the growth of harmful bacteria so you and your family can stay safe all year round with less cleaning and refilling of the water needed. 

Swim Spa Heaters 

The built-in heaters we provide in every of our home spa designs, turn your swim spa into a hot tub for that ultimate relaxation. Unwind your muscles at any time with a quick soak, but if you are usually short on time or like your water hot, extra heaters are a great option to boost efficiency and get the extra tense muscles relaxed. 

Swim Spa Filters

Filters are a great way to make sure that no matter how many people get in the water, it doesn’t lead to any mould or bacteria growth. Normally swim spa filters have to be replaced every 1-2 months. This can become more frequent when pets get involved as well, so if the dog wants to go for a swim, filtration and regular water maintenance goes a long way in keeping you and your family healthy. 


The StepGuard is our solution to expensive fencing that is normally used with traditional pools. Keep your costs low, you could potentially save thousands in installation costs with this custom step and gate combination that is designed to perfectly fit with your swim spa and backyard area whilst complying with building regulations. 

Offering an extra layer of privacy and security with a gate combination, you can make sure the young kids and pets stay safe, with no one going in the spa you don’t want. Get in easily and safely with the StepGuard available for installation with every of our swim spas.   

Where to find Swim Spa Accessories

A swim spa can be a big investment, even if it is cheaper and more space efficient than a regular swimming pool, so what better way to make good on that investment than by adding to it? Get extra benefits for your backyard swim space so you and the family can enjoy relaxing, exercising and hanging out to the fullest, whatever your situation. 

Adding to your Investment

Our swim spa range is designed to add to your living space in a way that promotes wellness, and therapeutic relaxation. Adding to the quality of our Australian-made products with accessories is a way to increase the value of your swim spa, making it go further for you and the whole family so you can get the exact tailor-made experience you’re after, one that we have always been keen to provide to all our customers. 

For all your swim spa design needs and advice on accessory options, reach out to our team today for more information and get a quote quickly and easily.  



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