The SPLASH! Environmental Awards 2010

The SPLASH! Environmental Awards – the world’s only environmental awards for the swimming pool, spa and aquatics industries – were presented at a gala dinner on the Gold Coast in late July.

In total, 19 winners, finalists and encouragement awards were handed out to all sectors of the industry – from pool designers and builders to pool shops, from local council pools to theme parks, from humble inventors to large international manufacturers.
The aim of the Awards is to encourage and recognise environmental achievements in the Australasian swimming pool, spa and aquatics industry.

The manufacturer of Just Spas spas and swim spas, Spa Industries was awarded the 2010 ‘Most Environmentally Friendly Spa Product’ –

Spa Product
Winner: Sunlover/Spa Industries for the Aquatemp product.
By incorporating a highly efficient heat pump inside the shell of the spa, it can recover the heat generated by the motors as well as the hot air under the spa cover, converting the energy into warm spa water and maintaining high Coefficients of Performance all year round. Sunlover estimates a saving in carbon footprint and running costs of up to 50 per cent.