Energy Smart Hybrid

Reduce Costs with – Hybrid Spa Technology™

The World’s most Economical Spa/Swim Spa Patented Heating System
Manufactured in Australia

Heat your Spa from cold in just under 30 minutes

This Patented system was developed In conjunction with the R&D Department at Spa Industries and the Raypack team (part of the Rheem Group).

Electronic Controller, Filtration Pump and Heating System working together in harmony, to reduce the running cost of your spa.

With this unique new patented Hybrid Spa Technology™ system, it is now possible to run the filtration pump on your spa at a lower level of power consumption when you do not need the spa to heat, and to increase the pump speed when heating is required.

When heating is called for, the Intelligent Controller will turn up the speed of the filtration pump to enable enough flow for the Gas Heat Cell to heat the spa to the desired temperature.  When the spa reaches the set temperature, the filtration pump will reduce speed automatically and therefore reduce the power consumption.

The Hybrid System will heat your spa in under 30 minutes with the 44kw Gas heat cell, and will take just under an hour with the 24kw Heat Cell, costing you as little as 50 cents in heating costs whenever you use your spa*.

Couple this with the new multi-speed eco filtration system and your spa will cost as little as $3.60 per week to run.


  • Save on Heating Costs
  • Super Fast heat up times
  • Reduced chemical usage
  • Available in two sizes 24kw and 44kw
  • Reduce carbon foot print
*Costs were based on a 1000 litre spa, filtering for 8 hours per day, 7 days per week and using your spa once per week.

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