Best Outdoor Spas 2022?

So, you’re ready to upgrade your lifestyle and get the perfect spa for your backyard. But where do you begin to look for the best outdoor spas in Australia? At Just Spas, we’ve been in the business for more than 30 years, and in that time we’ve seen different manufacturers and models come and go. We like to think that over the years, we’ve gotten pretty good at differentiating the spas that will be forgotten, versus the ones that are here to stay. For the best hot tubs of 2022, we’ve put together this guide featuring our favourite – and of course, Australian-made – spas that we can confidently recommend to you.

Cyclone MONSOON 6 Seater Spa

Starting off strong with the Monsoon, this spa boasts 101 marine-grade stainless steel jets, two of them being waterfall jets, and LED mood lighting for a premium spa experience. Seating six adults, it measures 2270mm x 2270mm x 900mm in size with two reclined lounges and two deep hydrotherapy hot seats for the ultimate in relaxation and indulgence. Perfect for families, the Monsoon incorporates a combination of 9 massaging therapies including different types of back, leg and foot therapy. This spa’s excellent build includes a 4.2HP Massage Pump, Quad-Layer & Arctic Insulation and an EternaWood™ Thermal Cabinet. Microban® Filters and an EcoSpa™ Energy Efficient Filtration system make this model sustainable and easy to maintain.

The Monsoon is proudly Australian-made with a 100-year TuffFrame™ structural warranty.

Cyclone STORM 6 Seater Spa

Taking it up to the next level, the Storm is the ultimate in class and refinement among the best outdoor spas in Australia. Featuring 66 jets, 2 deep hydrotherapy hot seats and a reclined lounge, this spa measures 2270mm x 2270mm x 900mm in size for ultimate comfort across 6 seats. Armed with a lockable cover and titanium heater, the Storm is great for winter dips and simple to maintain in cooler temperatures. With up to 10 massage therapies, including the ‘Tension’ program for neck therapy, there’s no limit to the tranquillity and satisfaction that time spent in the Storm can provide.

The Storm is proudly Australian-made with a 100-year TuffFrame™ structural warranty.

Cyclone TWISTER 6-Seater Spa

Rounding off our list with the Twister, it’s easy to see why this model made the cut. Another six-seater with 66 jets, two of which are waterfall jets, this spa comes in at 2000mm x 2000mm x 900mm for a slightly more compact size. Leg, foot, neck and back therapy are all made possible with the Twister’s hydrotherapy hot seats and reclined lounge, with upgrades available for the ultimate enhanced spa experience. Add AQUA GLOW™ for an upgraded lighting pack on top of the Twister’s LED mood lights, iSPA™ for WiFi compatibility so you can control your spa remotely, and AQUA SOUND™ for built-in Bluetooth speakers with an amplifier and subwoofer.

The Twister is proudly Australian-made with a 100-year TuffFrame™ structural warranty.

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