The only spa with a truly watertight story!

To install jets in a conventional spa, holes are drilled into the spa shell. Each jet becomes a potential leak point as the integrity of the shell has been compromised. Such leaks can waterlog the underside of the spa causing serious damage.

Bullfrog’s exclusive LeakGuard design provides unmatched security against leaks. Jets are fitted into removable JetPaks instead of being drilled into the spa shell. The shell remains intact and watertight!

All JetPak plumbing is contained within the spa; therefore if a leak did occur, it would be contained inside the walls of the spa where it would not cause damage. If service is ever needed, plumbing is easily accessed behind each JetPak. No other spa offers this much peace of mind.

Full-Foam Insulation

Each Bullfrog Spa is completely filled with closed-cell foam insulation.  This type of foam limits heat transfer through the insulation for supreme energy efficiency.

Heated Air-intake System

Bullfrog’s jet air-intake system is specifically designed to capture heat generated from the motors, pumps and heater.


Bullfrog Spa

Heat from JetPak plumbing transfers directly into the spa water recycling energy

 fully foamed

Other Spas

Heat from plumbing escapes outside into the air wasting energy

 no foam fill