Innovative Technology

Just Spas stock only the top brands of Australian made spas, with manufacturing on the cutting edge of spa technology in Australia since 1994.



SPASA VIC Awards of Excellence 2010
• The 2010 Product Innovation – Gold Award
• The 2010 Sustainability – Gold Award

• Most Innovative New Product 2010
• Sustainability Award New Product 2010

SPLASH Magazine
• Most Environmentally Friendly Spa Product 2010

• 2006308814 – Water Treatment Method for Pools, Spa Baths and the like
• 2009203091 – Support Base for Spa or Swim Spa
• 2009212815 – Spa or Swim Spa Incorporating Water Storage Means
• 2010200809 – Heating System for Spa, Swim Spa and the like
• 201020202868 – Spa, Swim Spa or the like with Multi-Functional Auxiliary Accommodation Module


Stylishly Designed Control Panels

• Touch Screen
• Interactive
• Intuitive
• Reliable


HyFlo Massage Pump

This unique pump offers flow performance of up to 1,000 litres of water per minute (LPM), reliability and quiet operation for spas with multiple features and jets, providing the highest level of hydrotherapy and relaxation.

TuffFrame™ Cabinets

Manufactured in Australia, the Award Winning ’TuffFrame™’ structure fits together with exact precision. Comprising of multiple injection moulded upright supports, joining the TuffBase™ to the spa shell. The TuffFrame™ Cabinet System can hold up to 8000 kg, which is almost double the amount of supported weight of traditional spa frames.


Patented Award Winning Heat Exchange Pump
• Environmentally Friendly
• Reduced Running Costs
• Quiet
• Reliable

Essential Scents Aromatherapy

Essential Scents Aromatherapy beads will infuse your spa water with healing aromatic scents.

Microban® Anti-microbial Filters

Microban® protection is infused into the filter fabric, providing an extra level of cleanliness for your spa by working continuously between cleans to fight the growth of bacteria that can adversely affect the performance of your spa filter.

EternaWood™ Cabinets

100% maintenance free weather and UV resistant cabinets, will not fade or split and no staining is required.

Available in 3 colours:
Coastal Grey, Moroccan Brown and Teak

(Please check availability with local Just Spas Store)

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