Swim Spa vs Lap Pool – Which One Is Right For You?

So you’re getting a new pool or spa in your backyard – exciting times ahead! But deciding on which to get can be a slightly more challenging task, especially if your motives are health or exercise related. Is a Swim Spa or a Lap Pool right for you? We’ll go through some of the key features of both to help you decide on the right option for your home.

The size difference between swim spas and lap pools

Of course, the obvious major difference between a swim spa and a lap pool is the size; the amount of space you have in your backyard is a big contributing factor to a decision like this one. If you’re finding yourself umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether you have enough room for a lap pool, remember to consider the extra area required for pool safety requirements around the pool, including fencing and minimum distances from buildings and other infrastructure. The space required grows again when you take into consideration the way you want your pool to be integrated into the larger landscape of your backyard – will you want a patio, or an open outdoor area nearby? The accessibility and comparatively easy installation of a spa, on the other hand, requires not only less space but less planning and jumping through hoops.

The price difference between swim spas and lap pools

The second obvious factor to consider when comparing swim spas and lap pools is the cost. With in-ground fibreglass pools starting at around $35,000 at the cheapest, lap pools can go up to $50,000 or even $65,000 depending on the size and conditions of the installation. Due to extraneous costs such as landscaping, fencing and extra permits, many companies recommend putting aside an extra 50% of the pool cost to cover these additional elements. Unfortunately, this can price many people out of the option to install a pool, but thankfully a swim spa is much more affordable. With Just Spas swim spas starting at 15,999, you can avoid blowing the budget and have some cash left over for a bottle of celebratory champagne for your first dip in the spa.

Maintenance costs, of course, must also be considered. Larger volumes of water require larger pumps and therefore consume more energy, and the same logic can be applied to heating and cleaning maintenance products. When the need for heating kicks in in the winter time, this can commonly cost more than $5 per day. On the other hand, spas have built-in insulation and are recognised as having less than half of the running costs of in-ground pools.

The difference in installation between swim spas and lap pools

Both a swim spa and a lap pool are an investment to make, and will impact not only your backyard landscape but also your day-to-day routine for the duration of the installation. When it comes to in-ground pools, the installation process has many steps, including excavation and connecting plumbing, and involves heavy machinery and equipment that requires clear access to your backyard area. This may mean ensuring you are available for tradespeople to access your property at varying times, and the process can be interrupted by unpredictable factors like inclement weather. Overall, you can expect to put aside up to 6 weeks for a traditional pool install. This is why the simplicity of a spa install is often the preferred option; typically installed in just a few hours, swim spa users can be enjoying a dip often on the same day of installation.

With a growing number of Australians looking to expand their backyard or leisure offerings, the uptake in creating the Australian dream backyard has been notable. Still, the fact remains, they aren’t always the most accessible or feasible option for every homeowner. That’s why spas or swim spas remain a great, affordable option for those who want to add some luxury to their life without draining their time or pockets – and when it comes to incorporating somewhere to swim for a bit of physical exercise, swim spas are the perfect answer!

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