Swim Spa Safety: Tips for Preventing Accidents and Injuries

A relaxing dip after work, a vigorous in-water workout to start your day, a place to gather and kick back with friends and family. There are so many reasons to invest in a swim spa, as these backyard fixtures elevate any lifestyle routine.

However, like any water-based activity, there are potential risks associated with using swim spas, so it’s important to prioritise safety when using one to prevent potential accidents and injuries. Read on for some key swim spa safety tips, and learn how to get the absolute most out of your Just Spas swim spa. Our range of quality, Australian-made spas have cutting-edge features to keep you indulging safely and at ease.

General Swim Spa Safety Tips

Whether you’re a first-time swim spa user or a seasoned pro, it’s important to prioritise safety when using your swim spa. Life (and our homes) get hectic, so doing what we can to prevent accidents before they happen by controlling what goes on around our swim and above-ground spas will create a safe, secure atmosphere. So, before hopping in, here are some general safety tips to keep in mind:

Keep the Area Around Your Swim Spa Clear

Make sure there are no obstacles, toys, or furniture close to the swim spa. This will help prevent trips and falls. Make sure to keep an eye on the space surrounding your swim spa on a regular basis, and remove any tripping hazards that have migrated to the area.

Supervise Children

It’s crucial to never leave children unattended in or around the swim spa, even if they know how to swim. Accidents can happen quickly and quietly, so the same goes for pets. Supervision is always key for safety around a swim spa.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol while using a swim spa can impair your judgement and reaction time, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries. It’s best to avoid consumption while using your swim spa for optimal safety.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Of course, always read and follow the instructions provided by the spa manufacturer. This includes guidelines for the safe usage and maintenance of your swim spa. At Just Spas, each of our spas comes with guidelines for safe use, installation, and operation. 

Consider Learning CPR

Knowing CPR can be a life-saving skill in the event of an emergency – one that can be applied in all sorts of situations, beyond swim spa accidents! Consider taking a CPR course to be prepared in case of an incident.

Install Additional Safety Features

Installing safety features like gates, non-slip surfaces, and locking covers will provide extra peace of mind with regard to swim spa safety.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Another key component of swim spa safety is proper upkeep. Whether you’ve invested in a swim spa, above-ground spa, or luxury spa, maintenance is always a crucial factor in getting the most out of your spa. Here are some key maintenance tasks to keep in mind:

Regularly Clean the Filters

Dirty or clogged filters can compromise your spa’s water quality and circulation, increasing the risk of accidents and illnesses. Be sure to clean or replace your swim spa filters regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check the Water Chemistry

Maintaining proper water chemistry is essential for preventing the growth of harmful bacteria (yuck) and ensuring safe and hygienic water to submerge in. Test the water regularly using a water testing kit and adjust the chemical levels as needed.

Keep the Water Level Consistent

The water level in your swim spa should be maintained at the recommended level to ensure proper filtration and circulation. Many of our spas at Just Spas come with handy water features such as a programmable circulation pump, however, be sure to check the water level regularly and add as needed.

Inspect the Swim Spa Components

Regularly inspect the swim spa components such as the jets, pumps, and heater to ensure they are working properly and not posing any safety risks.

Keep the Cover Clean and Secure

The cover of your swim spa should be kept clean and secured when not in use to prevent unauthorised access and keep debris out of the water.

From refreshing your swim spa installation to maintenance tips, we offer a range of resources at Just Spas to help with spa upkeep.

Just Spas Swim Spa Safety

The safety regulations for swim spas can vary depending on your local government council. To ensure that your swim spa meets the required safety standards, it’s important to contact your local council and find out what type of safety precautions are needed. In some cases, a lockable hard cover may be required, while in other cases a fence may be necessary. By checking with your local council, you can ensure that your swim spa is compliant with all safety regulations and help prevent accidents.

At Just Spas, we know that a safe environment sets the scene for the greatest amount of enjoyment. That’s why our Australian-made spas are made of high-quality materials and are crafted to be long-lasting and efficient. We also offer a custom step and gate combination, StepGuard, which helps you avoid the high costs of installing a pool fence and is compliant with building regulations. If you’re interested in StepGuard, contact your local dealer today!

All in all, swim spa safety is essential for preventing accidents, injures, and is necessary to ensure a fun and fulfilling spa experience. By following general safety tips such as supervising children and avoiding alcohol consumption, you can significantly reduce risks. 

Just Spas’ swim spa products are designed with safety in mind, featuring premium construction and additional features such as StepGuard that give you the assurance you need to enjoy your backyard haven completely. Along with conducting regular maintenance, you will ensure the safety and longevity of your swim spa for years to come!

For more information on Just Spas swim spas, visit a store near you or contact us today!



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