Spa Cover Lifters 101 – Everything you need to know about Spa Cover Lifters

Spa covers are an essential purchase for bringing a new spa home, not only for the protection they offer your spa along with heat retention but, most importantly, safety. Of course, spa covers are an investment, so it’s essential to maintain them with care for maximum use. Spa cover lifters are the most popular add-on purchase for a cover as they reduce the time and manual labour required when it comes to taking off and putting on the cover between uses. No more putting your back out whenever you want to enjoy some time in the spa! Instead of dragging the cover along the ground where it will suffer wear and tear, the lifter neatly tucks it away safely and securely.

It makes the spa easier to use for the whole family, extends the life of your cover, and just adds in the much-needed convenience we tend to look for when we feel like going for a dip in the spa. It’s no surprise that customers report using their spas more often once they have a cover lifter!

How do spa lifters work?

Spa lifters work in just seconds and support the cover when it’s not on the spa, making it easier to put back on. There a range of different spa lifters, from roller-style lifters to basket-style lifters, from those that rely on hinges to those that utilise hydraulic pistons. The most simple and cost-effective spa covers tend to be the portable ones; made up of a couple of bars that easily fit into place underneath most spas.

A bar rests against the fold in the cover, and your job is simply to flip the cover over the bar, and push the bar back. By the same token, when you’re done simply push the bar forward and position your cover back into place on top of the spa. No more fumbling and putting your back out, trying to support a heavy cover with no where to put it!

Where can I buy a good spa lifter from? 

Find your nearest location and purchase your spa lifter from Just Spas in-store today. Don’t have one of our store locations nearby? Check out the Black 2 piece portable lifter over at Spa Parts Online, our recommended spa parts retailer. Made from sturdy aluminium for ultimate durability and to stand the test of time, this spa lifter has been designed to work in one fluid motion to effortlessly tuck away and replace your spa cover. It attaches easily for ultimate convenience and ease of use, which means less time fumbling around with the spa cover, meaning you’ll be more inclined to take a dip at a moment’s notice.




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