Salt Water Sanitisation

Deciding what water purification system is best for your family’s needs can be complicated. Many questions revolve around salt-water, Ozone or chemical free spas.

We have star rated the sanitisation systems currently available for spas and swim spas by sanitisation performance  –

Standard Ozone **

Ozone has been proven to be the most effective way to purify your spa water.  It is the most preferred system in use around the world, due to its effectiveness.  Ozone will help you keep your spa water clear, clear and hygienic and kills micro-organisms and other impurities. However you will still need to add chemiclas, as Ozone is not a complete purification system, it merely reduces the amount of chemicals required to sanitise your spa.

Salt Water ***

Salt-water spas use all the purification benefits of natural salt without the additional chemicals that packaged sanitisers use. The benefits of natural salt purification for those with allergies make this the preferred method for many spa owners. In a salt water spa, the water feels soft, your skin feels smooth, and many people feel more refreshed.

De-Gassing Ozone ****

A De-Gassing Ozone Purification System produces higher levels of Ozone through a mixing chamber.  The residue ozone’s are degassed from the spa through a charcoal destruct chamber and discharged externally from the spa.

Salt Water purification with Ozone De-Gassing *****

We have combined the two most proven methods to create the most effective water purification available – Five Star SMART Purification. Consisting of both the Ozone De-Gassing System and an automatic Salt Water Purification Cell with a low energy ECO Filtration System.  The Salt Water Purifier kills all algae’s and other harmful bacteria, whilst the Ozone De-Gassing System creates oxidisation and attacks all contaminants.

Filtering up to 48,000 litres per day, this is the BEST low maintenance Spa water purification system available.