Hybrid Gas 24kw Heat Cell

Hybrid Gas 24kw Heat Cell


Hybrid Gas 24kw Heat CellHybrid Gas 24kw Heat Cell

The Hybrid Gas Heat Cell is by far the most effective and efficient way to heat your spa. The Hybrid System has fast heat-up times (temperature rise by 24-55 degrees per hour, per 1000ltr of water) and is easily controlled from the top side touch panel.

Product code:
AHEA120NAG – HX 120 – 24kW – Natural Gas
AHEA120LPG – HX 120 – 24kW – LPG Gas
AFLOSWIGAS – Gas Heater Flow Switch


    • Recommended for spas up to 3000ltrs.
      Heats up 1000ltrs of water by 24 degrees per hour
    • Comes with a Variable Speed Eco Filtration Pump
    • If installation is outside the suggested limits (max height above or below water level) a flow switch
      will need to be fitted
    • Reduces chemical usage and also the running cost of your spa by up to 70%
    • Compatible with the iSpa® App
    • Includes a Filtration Pump, Heater and Relay Switch
    • Suits: All Portable Spas and Swim Spas up to 8000ltrs
    Hybrid Gas 24kw Heat Cell


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