Oscillator™ J01

Our original JetPak™ features exclusive Verta’ssage™ jets that oscillate in a figure-eight pattern to create an experience that mimics the sensation of four hands delivering a deep-tissue massage to your entire back.


Pulsator™ J02

Rapid bursts of water create a surprisingly wonderful massage. We’ve included adjustable jets that can be fine tuned to target specific muscle groups at your desired massage intensity. A must have JetPak!


ClusterBurst™ J03

This JetPak produces exceptional massage therapy with pinpoint accuracy. A dozen directional jets deliver a fabulous deep-tissue massage to your entire back. A true stress buster!


NeckBlaster™ J04

Ten powerful and adjustable jet streams target your neck and shoulders to release builtup tension and stress while four pulsating jets soothe the upper and lower lateral muscles.


Alee”V”8™ J05

This classic JetPak offers a luxurious and peaceful spa experience by delivering a mild to medium massage sensation. It alleviates back pain where you need it and when you want it in the privacy of your own home.


Mini NeckBlaster™ J06

The precise jets and controllable output make this ideal for relaxation, pampering, and rejuvenation. It delivers deep tissue massage to the neck and a soothing massage treatment for your back. A great allaround choice!


Shiatsu™ J07

Using a sensation of finger pressure, the Shiatsu jet loosens tight muscles in the upper back. We include an oversized jet that disburses wide sweeps of water to the lumbar region. Escape to a new realm of relaxation.


Aroma’ssage™ J08

As subtle aromatherapy fragrances infuse the air, the sweeping rotation of the jets caresses the upper back and lower lumbar muscle groups. A soothing balance for your mind, body and soul!


BodyWand™ J09

The retractable, hand-held jet is perfect for massaging your hardto- reach places, to caress a sore knee, a tired bicep or to blast a fellow bather. The most versatile and innovative relaxation tool!


Spinal’ssage™ J10

We designed this model for complete wellness of the spinal region. The adjustable jet provides a broad range of intensity to offer targeted therapy to the delicate spinal muscles and surrounding tissue.


Gyro’ssage™ J11

Experience resort-style luxury with a swirling massage that is truly heavenly. The spinning jets are positioned so water reaches the entire back. Adjust the motion and intensity of the jets and relax to your content.


Mini ClusterBurst™ J12

The delightful arrangement of jets offers a surprising powerful massage that is incredibly invigorating. We have selected jets that are small, yet intense. This JetPak is ideal for all seats in any spa.