Australian Made Spas, Is it time to dip your toes in?

We’ve all become more conscious of the time we’re spending in our homes lately. For many of us, this means investing in our space to ensure it’s an enjoyable place to be.

As the leading spa company in Australia, it’s no surprise that we’ve noticed a growing demand for home spas over the past few months.

Whether you’re a first-time spa owner or have enjoyed the wellbeing benefits of a spa before, there’s a few important considerations to note before you invest in your own. Let’s take a look…

What is a home spa?

A home spa, or a hot tub as you might know it, is a unit filled with water for relaxation, rejuvenation and wellbeing. With self-contained plumbing, they are easy to install in outdoor spaces, such as backyards and gardens. Many homes have spas installed as a wallet and space-friendly alternative to swimming pools, with a range of added benefits that pools just can’t offer.

Home spas can vary in size and purpose, so it’s worth doing some research before spending your cash. Let’s take a ‘deep dive’ so to speak and look at this in more depth!

What different types of spas are there?

Before you invest in a home spa you need to consider who it’s for and where it will be located. This will determine the most important factor – the size of the spa. These can range from compact couple sizing through to large family 12-seaters.

Typically speaking, there are three main spas:

Hydrotherapy spa

Used by sports people and those with certain physical ailments, like joint pain and muscle tears, hydrotherapy spas offer therapeutic care through soaking in warm water. The important jet features hone in on pressure points like the neck area, to provide therapy and massage. These are popular with people who suffer with back pain or compete in sport of any level.

Relaxation and entertainment spa

Very similar to the above, except that its intent is for leisure use. As such, there’s plenty of space to invite guests in for entertaining. Whether you want to soak your stresses away, or catch up with friends in informal surroundings, this is one of our most popular choices.

Swim spa

These larger spa units are intended for both relaxation and stretching out, allowing you to capitalise on the space. They feature jets to circulate the water, providing a current for the swimmer to swim against. Ideal for anyone who wants to do a few strokes but doesn’t have the space or budget for a pool.

Finding the right size spa

There’s a number of factors to consider when opting for the right size spa. Budget aside think about the intended purpose for the spa, your space and what features are important to your family’s needs.

If you have a smaller space to fit your new spa, but still want all the luxury features we recommend these sizes,

Up to 2m x 2m
Up to 2.4m x 2.4m

If you’re planning to entertain or you want the whole family to enjoy spa time at once, check our range with these number of seats,

Forget about the gym or public pools, if you’re wanting to get a workout in or find a spa that has all the benefits of a pool and more, a swim spa is a perfect option for you.

See our swim spa range

Let’s talk jets and pumps

From basic to luxurious – jets are an important feature that can level-up your spa experience. Using air, they circulate water around, providing massage benefits, as well as adding to your enjoyment.

If you suffer with a certain ailment, look at the jet positioning to ensure it’s targeting your affected area.

As a general rule, the larger the spa, the more jets you can expect. For instance, some of the bigger spas have up to 71 jets, compared to two or three that the smaller versions carry.

Therefore, if you want jet action- go big – or opt for a hydrotherapy spa.

It’s also worth knowing that jets are powered by pumps. They circulate water through the filter and heaters (if applicable) and play an important role.

Keeping it filtered

Much like any large water-based appliances, your spa needs to be maintained for the maximum enjoyment. This means filtering out natural dirt and debris that comes with lounge time. Look for a spa that offers filtration, for keeping the water as clean as possible, without having to use chemicals.

Putting the hot in hot tub!

Even though we’re lucky to live in a warm climate, evening dips in the spa can get a little chilly in winter. All our spas have heaters, meaning you can enjoy your investment all year around. This might be particularly beneficial if you have young children who may be more sensitive to cold water or may only spa when the sun goes down.

Spa Covers

Don’t forget to invest in a cover. Not only in many states are these mandatory for safety, they also offer protection from leaves and foliage, as well as unwanted critters all have a way of finding themselves going for a dip. A secure cover is the best way to prevent unwanted debris floating around. It will also mean your filtration needs to do less of the heavy lifting.

Other important features

As a side note, there’s a few other notable features to consider in your purchase decision, such as:

  • Made in Australia – to guarantee the quality of your spa, you may wish to shop Australian. As one of the leading countries in spa production, it also means you can speak to the supplier direct in the unlikely event of encountering problems
  • Warranty – after care is an important part of your product. Look for trusted businesses that offer a guarantee or warranty with the purchase. Also ask them what their maintenance fees or call-out support is like.

Spas make a wonderful addition to any home, and will transform your space into a relaxing centre of wellbeing that you’ll enjoy spending time in. Just be sure to do your homework first, to ensure you’re investing in a spa that’s right for you.

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