8 Star Energy Rated Eco Filtration System

Reduce Running Costs

With our new Eco Filtration system, we are taking water quality seriously. Improved overall spa performance, together with increased energy efficiency and reduced running costs, awards this pump the 8 Star Energy rating. This rating is the highest level achieved in Spa pumps, and draws only .5 of an amp — that’s equivalent to the power needed to illuminate a domestic light bulb!

No need to reduce your filtration times to save running costs.

The Eco Filtration System Costs only 15 cents per day to filter 48,000 litres of water, set on an 8 hour programmable filter cycle.

Comparable costs on a standard 2 speed pump on the same filtration cycle, will cost $1.24 per day.

This equates to an 88% saving on power usage.


    • .25 HP
    • Quiet operation
    • TEFC motor, IPx5
    • Increased water quality
    • Reduced running costs

Designed and rated according to Australian Standard AS5102.2, this unique pump offers improved flow performance of 110 litres/minute, reliability and quiet operation.