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Exploring Our Collection of 4 Person Spas

Are you looking for the very best in aquatic relaxation? You’ll find it our range right here at Just Spas. Our beautiful Australian-made 4 person spas are the perfect home addition. Read on to find out why!

4 Person Spas are the long-established standard for spas, where four friends or family members can enjoy a relaxing massage at the same time. This amazing spa has been designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience.

At Just Spas, our 4 person spas can be custom-made to include all the bells and whistles you could ever want in a spa. These rectangular spas are ideal for smaller patios, yards and decks. For young couples or empty nesters, the 4 person spa is a perfect choice. 

FAQs About 4 Person Spas 2023

A spa for four people is an excellent middle-range size for bathing in. It will be comfortable and spacious enough for everyone to relax in without feeling cramped. 

Here’s an example of the measurements for a couple of our 4 person spas, the Leisurite SWIM and DYAD. The Leisurerite SWIM 4-Seater Spa is 4000 × 2300 × 1230 mm and the Leisurerite DYAD 4-Seater Spa is 2100 × 1600 × 900 mm. As you can see, they both have different sizes. SWIM 4-Seater Spas being the largest and widest, giving you even more seated legroom. 

The Leisurerite 4 person spa, known as the DYAD, holds 675 litres of water. In this model, a considerable amount of shell space is allocated to house 26 jets. Furthermore, the design of the Leisurerite DYAD four person spa ensures that users sit with their legs perpendicular to their waist, which also requires additional space in the shell.

Just Spas has been manufacturing high-quality, Australian-made 4 person spas since 1994. We use only the highest quality components from around the world to produce spas that last the test of time. Our water treatment method, water storage, heating system, support base and touchpad are all one-of-a-kind. 

Our TuffFrame™ Cabinets are built in Australia and made to last. We’re so confident in the build quality that we offer a 100-Year TuffFrame™ Structural Warranty. Our TuffFrame™ Cabinet System can hold up to 8000 kg, which is almost double the amount of weight a traditional spa frame can support. 

Our award-winning AquaTemp® heat exchange pump is industry-leading in energy efficiency, saving you money and lowering your impact on the environment. It’s also so quiet and reliable that you’ll forget it’s there!

We also give you the option of taking your spa to the next level of relaxation with aromatherapy. You can use our essential scent beads to infuse your spa water with beautiful aromas.

And finally, our patented touchscreen panel has the most reliable and technologically advanced control system of any outdoor spa in Australia. You can easily control the heat, LED lights and jets with this intuitive system. 

1. Limited Space

If you don’t have room to fit a swimming pool or large 6, 7, or 8 seater spa, don’t worry. Because a 4 person spa won’t take up much space and it can give you everything you need to relax and entertain guests.

2. Small Family

If your family has less than five members, or perhaps you’re a young couple or empty nesters, then a 4 person spa is the ideal choice. If few people are going to use the spa, then it’s unnecessary to use more electricity for extra space you don’t need. 

3. Recovery

As we have already alluded to, small spas require less energy. So if you want to use hydrotherapy to recover quicker from exercise, then a smaller spa makes sense if only one person needs it.

If you’re in the market for a spa, we have some excellent options to choose from. Our team is dedicated to providing superior products and service, so you can relax and rejuvenate in Australian-made spas. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we offer a range of spa sizes and types – from portable spas to in-ground spas. Get a quote from our experts today to find the perfect spa for you!


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