Tips For Choosing the Perfect Swim Spa Seater For Your Needs

A fantastic addition to any home, a swim spa creates a haven of relaxation, high-quality workouts, and socialisation with friends and family. But what’s one crucial factor to consider when purchasing a swim spa? The seating capacity.  With various options available, from a cosy 4-person spa to a spacious 12-seater option, it’s essential to choose … Read more

Backyard Spas vs. Public Spas: Why Owning is Worth it

The decision to invest in a backyard spa can transform your home into a sanctuary for relaxation, rejuvenation, and socialisation. While public pools and spas may offer a temporary escape, owning your own spa puts that luxury in your very own backyard.  Having a backyard spa in your home offers numerous advantages, from saving you … Read more

Tips For Incorporating Swim Spas Into Your Daily Workout Routine

Nothing’s better than the feeling that comes with a fulfilling, regular fitness routine. But what can often be a challenge is finding the right workout for you, and sticking to it. Swim spas make that a whole lot easier. Offering an excellent opportunity to incorporate aquatic exercise into your daily workout regimen, swim spas are … Read more

Top Tips For Swim Spa Maintenance: Keeping Your Spa Clean, Safe, and Running Smoothly

Imagine a morning routine that starts with a luxurious in-water workout. That’s the lifestyle a swim spa provides. Swim spas are home-fixture favourites for their versatility – offering a combination of relaxation, fitness, and entertainment perks all in one. At Just Spas, we provide an exceptional range of swim spas that cater to different needs … Read more