Infrared Saunas Australia

Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas are the new frontier of luxury and at-home indulgence. Gone are the days of pouring water over hot rocks and getting steam in your face; infrared is gentler and more effective when it comes to penetrating the skin, using dry heat to ensure your detox is a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. Nearly … Read more

Swim Spas Australia

Ever imagined having a lap pool in your very own backyard? Or daydreamed about kicking back in your own outdoor spa? Good news! A Just Spas swim spa delivers the absolute best of both worlds. Adaptable to any backyard, swim spas combine all the relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits of a spa with the sports and … Read more

Guaranteed Methods That Will Fix Your Cloudy Spa Water

Not so squeaky clean Cloudy spa water may resemble bubbly bathwater, but it doesn’t mean your spa is clean – quite the opposite, actually! A key sign of good spa health is crystal clear water. Any other type of water is potentially unsafe and should be remedied immediately.  The guilty parties Cloudy water isn’t as … Read more